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  1. Mods, you can mark this as closed now. Turns out my issue was just as simple as defective hard drives, which have since been replaced.
  2. Ok, it took some messing around within my MB bios, but I was able to finally get to my SAS config utility, just like in this link. It was originally set to "BIOS and OS", so I changed it to "OS only", and the problem remains the same.
  3. According to Art of Server's item description on ebay, "I also flashed the LSI/Avago MPTSAS2 BIOS ROM version and UEFI so that it is easier to access the controller's ROM without booting an OS." So I feel like there should be a HBA BIOS for me to access, if only I could get to it somehow.
  4. I can't seem to figure out how to enable full POST with my mobo. There was an option to "disable the logo and display normal POST messages", but it still is not displaying a screen of text on boot up or before Unraid boot, not like what is shown on the link you posted.
  5. "CTRL-C during POST" Apologies, I am admittedly pretty noob. It boots up to the screen where I can hit F2/DEL to enter mobo BIOS, and then it goes straight to booting Unraid off my USB drive. I was pressing ctrl-c at all points along that sequence but didn't get anything.
  6. Not quite sure how to do that. I am able to check some controller properties for the HBA within the mobo BIOS, and I'm able to enable or disable legacy BIOS on the HBA, but that's all.
  7. They were all brand new WD Red Plus drives bought off of Amazon. I have my diagnostic zip in the first post.
  8. With both ports on the SAS card, it's the same HDD that is being detected. I tried connecting all HDDs to my MB via individual SATA cables, and they all get detected that way. So is a faulty SAS card the most likely answer here? Are there some particular config settings within the BIOS that might be the culprit?
  9. Yeah, I've tried both ports on the SAS card, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. On both ports, it only detects one HDD.
  10. I received the forward breakout cable and used it to replace the cable I was previously using. Still encountering the same issue, only one of the four HDDs is being detected. It seems like power is not an issue, all four HDDs appear to be receiving power, but I'm only basing that on the fact that all four HDDs sound like they're spinning up when I boot up with the case open.
  11. I'll try the forward breakout cable you linked, Hoopster. It's true that the description on the one I bought does not make it explicitly clear if it's forward or reverse. Guess I'll be in a holding pattern for now until the forward breakout cable gets delivered.
  12. No, it doesn't seem so. When I'm in BIOS, I can see the HBA, and the BIOS lets me check some various config options and status info, and it says that there's 1 disk connected to the HBA.
  13. First time building an Unraid server, and after getting everything put together and booting up for the first time, I'm puzzled as to why Unraid is only detecting 1 of the 4 HDDs I have connected to my HBA card. I'm VERY noob, but capable enough to read guides that say "this hardware gud, and work together gud" and "follow these brainded steps to install Unraid". Unfortunately, I'm not capable enough to figure out this problems, so I come to you all for help. For reference, the key hardware is as follows: MB: ASRock B550 CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X HBA: Dell H200 Integrated 6G