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  1. Hey All, So I'm still exploring Unraid and I have run into an issue that I can't seem to solve or troubleshoot on my own. I've built my server and it works well except, after a few hours of inactivity it becomes unresponsive and I can't seem to wake it. I've had a look around and the help I've found suggests that it has to do with sleep states on the motherboard (server component list below). I've tried to turn all the sleep state things I can find in the BIOS to off/wake on lan/Do not sleep, but it's still happening. But then I also don't know for sure that
  2. Hey Spaceinvader, Thanks for the assist. Yes as it turns out my ISP does block port 80 and 443 by default. Good News, It can be disabled easily and it works perfectly now ... sorta. I might have to make a new post about OnlyOffice document server if I can't figure that one out. But Swag has now sorted itself out so thanks a heap! Thanks again mate, and I'm looking forward to the new 6.9.x videos. Rattus
  3. Hi All, First things first, I am very *very* new to Unraid so please be patient. I have a trial version of Unraid installed and I am planning on using it to replace my synology nas (and use the synology as the backup for unraid). I've attempted to find a solution to an issue I am having but my googlefu appears to be lacking on this one. The issue that I am having is with trying to setup DDNS and SSL with SWAG. I have followed spaceinvaderone's tutorial on how to set up LetsEncrypt (which I belive has been replaced by swag, and the setup looks the same) but I