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  1. I don't intend to run either at the same time, Plex will be in the evenings and the VM will be during the day, though this will also not be intensive either. Mostly for updating some PHP code and to get Ubuntu off my local disk. Most of my media files are HVEC files so the i7 3770 will not be suitable? I also have an old 1050ti I could drop in to the board as well, if that will help transcoding or is that entirely the CPU? My current NAS has an Intel Atom D2701 and runs the HVEC files without issues. As for the i3, instead of Intel I could also go AMD on a similar board o
  2. Hey all, so new to unraid. I currently run a Netgear ReadyNas 316 with 4 docker images but the device has become or rather feels limited to what it is capable of doing. I have an Asus P8Z77 - V LX and an i7 3770 with 16GB (4x4GB 2166mhz) that's been sitting and doing nothing, it use to be in my PVR for around 3 months before shutting it down, would this be viable for the build? Alternative to this would be a MSI B365M PRO-VH Intel B365 Coffee Lake LGA1151 Micro-ATX Desktop Motherboard and Intel Core i3-9100F if my current motherboard would not be viable. It