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  1. When upgrade from RC3 to RC4, Saw this error message, I manually downloaded the Nvidia driver, then reboot the system. System boot up fine. Just put here, in case someone see this, you have to manually download the Nvidia driver, otherwise may have problem when system boots up.
  2. Thanks for your help, with your comments, I tried delete the plugins one by one from my USB, Finally I reached the point I can boot into the RC2 normal server mode. Thanks !!!! 👍
  3. managed to revert back to RC2, but can't boot into normal server Mode, only safe mode. Every time boot up, about 3 seconds, it shuts down by it self. please help!!! and tell me what is wrong with my configurations, attached my diagnostics file.
  4. Is there a way to from safe mode to go back to RC2 ? or 6.9.2 ? Just can't boot into the normal server mode, some plugin not working. when boot almost done, see the picture, seems like loading plugin, then stop like 40%, then shut down it self. I want to go back to RC2 or 6.9.2 😭, my old usb backups just not working, same things, read the plugin then shutdown. please help!!!!
  5. Yesterday upgrade to RC3, running fine at first. This morning the server shut down by itself, try to turn it on, it always shuts down when the root almost done like about to show login Boot into safe mode without plugins ok, can manually turn on the array. Saw some error with Nvidia, may something related to Nvidia card, I have a P620 card installed in the system. attached my diagnostics file, please help. Thanks a lot ! note: try to go back to my RC2, saw this morning my usb backup on Unraid My Server was refreshed with RC3 already, don't know if I can get my previous back up. I did usb backup before jump to RC3.