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  1. Unraid is giving me an error every time I attempt to load the Apps page on my Unraid server. My DNS server settings are fine I've tried multiple settings included the recommended ones. I am running version 6.9.2 I can get to the server just fine on my network. Other network devices can get to the internet just fine. I attempted to change the NAS IP address from to and the same app store error occurs I'm not sure what the issue is. Does anyone have any input?
  2. I was able to solve the problem I believe, simply turn off SMBv1 (aka Netbios) completely in Unraid. Settings > SMB Settings > Enable Netbios: No. Once I turned that off I was able to transfer my large files without this error message 0x8007003b. I also got a nice solid 110-111MBps sustained throughput.