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  1. Hi, I recently changed apartments and have a different wifi now. When I went to setup my previously working unraid server, i couldn't see it through my router as i had assigned it a static ip address. Unfortunately I am unable to change it as its greyed out due to the array running. When I try and tell the array to stop, the page refreshes and nothing happens. I am also unable to cancel parity or do any other changes. I also have a server error of "guest doesnt have permission to access servers". I've tried logging on with my other 2 profiles other than root, but they wont log in (the passwords are 100% correct) I am working with a monitor and keyboard plugged into the server as I cant see it through the wifi, even when its headlined Thanks for your help
  2. Hi, sorry for the slow update. I reseeded the ram in and then it stopped crashing for a while. I thought it was fixed, but obviously not as i had 2 crashes today. I did as you said and here are the logs off the flash and from diagnostics. I didn't know if there was a preference Thanks for the help guys logs from flash.rar cuthulhu-diagnostics-20210509-1639.zip
  3. Hi everyone, as the title says I just built my first unraid device this week and have managed to get it semi stable, but it crashes every once in a while (between 1-4 times a day) and I cant figure out why. Sometimes its when its under load, sometimes when its just idling. I'm using it as a plex server right now and hope to use it as a mini google drive later on. (also I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to put it. I think it might be a CPU problem, but I'm not sure) I downloaded the fix common problems plugin as forums recommended along with the mcelog. I have attached the syslog files as well as 2 photos where it shows the red stuff colour coded. My current setup is (all bought second hand): dual Xeon X5650 24g ddr3 ECC gtx1060 3g a 850w PSU (i got a bigger one as i thought I may have been drawing too much power) ASUSTeK Computer INC. Z8NA-D6(C) Version Rev 1.xxG - s/n: 120902201300223 a 256 ssd used as cache 4X 2tb enterprise drives used as storage Unraid 6.9.2 Also when restarts, It doesn't re-connect to the internet. I have to manually power it down and back up again before I can get access. If you guys can give me a hand figuring out what's wrong with it, it would be much appreciated. I've been reading over other people's posts on reddit and forums trying to fix the problem, but I haven't managed to fix it. cuthulhu-syslog-20210507-2116.zip cuthulhu-diagnostics-20210507-1744.zip