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  1. That’s a good thought. Any suggestions? I’d love something like this that had more 3.5 drive options:
  2. Bummer. The 804 doesn’t come in white and I had my heart set on a white case. It’s so hard to find a square white case to hold 6x 3.5 drives
  3. Yes that’s what it was… it limited SATA use and I didn’t want that. I was thinking about offloading Sata and M2 to another card, but the case only had 2 pcie slots and I’m going to need one for a GPU eventually
  4. Good question, I wanted to use 2 M2 drives but I read there were some issues with using both M2 slots on the motherboard… something involving lower PCIe performance or something. I forget where I read it at now though
  5. So I'm building an unRAID box to be my Plex box and torrent seedbox and run a - in addition to a few other containers; and run a Windows 10 VM from time to time when I need to. My current build is listed here I chose this Intel CPU because intel QuickSync to help with transcoding Plex streams and I will add a discrete GPU What I need help narrowing down is: 1. A good PCI-e x16 M2 card with 2+ slots for NVME SSD's I’ve settled in the fractal design Node 304 case. It was crazy hard to find a good, square, white case but I think this one will
  6. Ok so I’m VERY new to unRAID. My current setup is a 12 TB synology DS412+ (yes I know, super old) as my storage and an M1 Mac Mini for compute. I want to do a complete 360 - sell the Mac Mini and do an unRAID build. Right now my current setup is mostly used as a Plex server and Homebridge with tons of transcoding (4+ streams usually). That being said… 1st can you help validate my approach? I’m taking this approach to not spend too much money at one time. Initially I’m building to replace my Plex and Homebridge server… my plan is to run Plex and Homebridge containers respectively…