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  1. Thanks @SpencerJ for looking over it, and I'll plan on grabbing USB 2.0 devices. Great info @-Daedalus. I think that was the use case I expected. I just want a backup of my unraid config in the case of failure. I was hoping I could rsync my documents/photos to this device so it can be grabbed quickly. The case I'm planning on using doesn't have quick access to internal drives. What is the purpose of the unassigned devices plug-in?
  2. I am getting the urge to update my home storage/server and am investigating UNRAID. I've laid out a rough idea of hardware, and use cases below. Did I miss anything important, any of my use cases outside reality, or are any of my assumptions incorrect? I would definitely consider myself a power user, developer, and have been using Linux professionally for 15+ years. I am comfortable with any scripting or non "off the shelf" products required. Hardware Mobo - Asus PRIME B560M-A Micro ATX (need to investigate performance, but has the feature sets I want)