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  1. Ok thanks. Two questions: 1. disk2 is disabled and contents are emulated. How can I restore disk2 to a normal state (if that is the right thing to do, given it was a controller problem)? 2. Is there a page with links to add-on controllers? I have no clue what to search for for purchase.
  2. Well, not sure if I'm just unlucky, or something else. Two days ago the replacement 8TB arrived. I've swapped the new one for the faulty one, made sure all connections on the board and drives were sound, and started rebuilding the array. Done after 16 hours, no errors reported. The array has performed without reporting errors for 1 day, and just now I woke up to: I've attached the logs again, but I'm really at a loss here.
  3. Alright, 8TB replacement ordered and the current one RMA'd. Will replace power/connection on disk2 and swap disk1 when the new 8TB arrives. Will report back.
  4. Hi, parity sync finished after nearly 16 hours. I've attached the latest diags. What worries me is the the new drive (Disk 1ST8000VN004-2M2101_WSD0MT7X - 8 TB (sdc)) is already showing errors and that the 6TB had 588 errors during parity sync. Question 1: should I return the new disk and ask for a replacement (hopefully without errors)? Question 2: do these parity sync errors on 588 have any repercussions on the state of the array? Thanks
  5. Thanks both! Will report back tomorrow after replacing the disk and performing the steps outlined.
  6. Agreed. I've now swapped two power cables, but the end result is the same. My conclusion is that disk1 is bad. Now for the solution: I've purchased an additional 8TB drive, which arrives tomorrow. This will replace the 6TB disk1. What's the appropriate procedure to make this work?
  7. Apologies, I did not replace the cable yet. However, I've now replace the SATA data cable for disk1, and attached new logs. My casual inspection of the logs leads me to believe the new cable didn't make a difference?
  8. Array is stopped (I did not have auto start on), disk1 is unmounted (device is missing, disabled). Attached is new diags.
  9. It's running headless, I need to drag it out of it's location to inspect. Back soon.
  10. I did a reboot, but now that server is not responding and/or coming back up. I also cannot ping the Unraid IP (host is down). Any hints?
  11. It’s still doing a read check. Can I do a shutdown now?
  12. Hi, Array with new parity disk (8TB) and 2 6TB chucked disks. Yesterday a parity check led to read errors (2048 errors on disk1) and stopped. Unraid offered to do a read-check, which I did. After 2-3 hours, disk2 is now at 400M+ read errors.... Have I lost all data?
  13. Hi, Trying to find why Unraid feels slow. BlackMagic Disk Speed on a Mac reports 110MB/s to a empty share, which is very reasonable (on Gigabit connection). I've run DiskSpeed. My Parity disk comes to 265MB/s and my data disk to 175MB/s. My question: is there an optimal placement of disks on ports? Right now, I have cache (SSD) on port 1, data disk on port 2 and parity on port 5 (see below full output) Output from DiskSpeed: 400 Series Chipset SATA Controller ASMedia Technology Inc. (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD]) SATA controller
  14. Fan Control doesn't seem to detect anything on my machine. No PWM controller detected. It is a ASUS PRIME B450M-A. Thanks.