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  1. So, I’m certain I’m doing something wrong here but followed Spaceinvader’s video best I could to setup a bare metal Windows VM. However, I'm running into one small problem. If I remove my Unraid USB and try to boot Windows I receive an “inaccessible boot device” error. Booting into safe mode clears up the error but I’d like to know how I can skip that step. The same thing happens after I successfully boot into Windows directly, trying to boot it as a VM requires me to first boot to safe mode. I found this topic started by another user in 2019 but he didn't recall how he'd fixed the issue:
  2. @AlexSterk were you ever able to resolve this? I have the same problem with my configuration.
  3. Thanks @Hoopster! That was it. I think what actually happened is that I'd had my share configured improperly and yesterday I enabled the mover schedule for the first time. When that kicked on last night I think it only pulled part of the PMS appdata over to the cache drive. Shut down all my containers, ran the mover again and set the shares to Cache Only. Things seem to be up and running again! Appreciate the quick help with this.
  4. Apologies in advance for the lack of info but I'm very new to UnRaid. In fact I just purchased my license yesterday. So, if logs of any sort would help solve this issue please just let me know what I can provide. Anyway, I'm running into issues today with Plex. Direct Stream to my phone is working fine and in fact even transcoding the video seems to work. However, as soon as an audio stream needs to be transcoded the video player's loading icon just spins but fails to play or plays a few frames, then stops. This is the first I've noticed this problem since I started my UnRaid trial a couple of weeks and haven't changed any configuration settings since successfully watching a show last night. If its at all helpful my setup for Plex is using an Intel iGPU and it seems to be successfully transcoding video. I'm using the Intel GPU TOP plugin as opposed to editing my GO file but have tried that as well with no avail. Best I can tell the issue seems to be the transcoding of the audio track. I tried pinning a couple CPUs to the Plex docker to see if that could fix the problem but had no luck there either. The issue persists with both the linuxserver and official container. Thanks for any help you're able to provide.