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  1. OK thanks Trurl! so from what i understand then, i shouldn't be using the Krusader Move Command, but should first Copy then delete? In order to clean this up, should i really reformat the cache disk? if so, should i be making a backup copy of the files first as i am not 100% certain if the files have actually been moved tbh?
  2. gaz-server-diagnostics-20210914-2021.zip Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Apols is this is already covered but couldnt find an answer anywhere. I setup a 4TB HDD as a downloads cache disk for media downloads as detailed by spaceinvader, i.e the Shares "Downloads" is setup for "Cache Pool = Yes" and deluge downloads to "incomplete" then moves to "complete" folders. I then am manually moving from "Complete" to other shares e.g. "Movies" that are not cached. However when moving from "Complete" to "Movies" which is not configured as a cache, the files are not emptying off the Cache disk? i have tried manually invoking "Mover" but nothing is happening. Any suggestions are more than appreciated! Many thanks! G
  4. brilliant thanks turnspit! my parity was building so i didnt have the array stopped and couldnt enter the passphrase.
  5. if that happens would the parity not recovery the disk?
  6. Can i ask what you mean by it increases the risk of data loss please?
  7. HI Jonathan, Yes i keep all backups of my data. Encrytion is really to ensure that if i have a drive fail and need to return under warranty, that my data remains secure.
  8. Hi all, Noob here, I have looked through the forum for similar question but couldn't answer, and SpaceInvader videos appear to be out of date perhaps, however i am simply trying to encrypt my first ever array, i have chosen XFS-Encrypted as the default file system and formatted the unmountable drives but getting the obvious missing encryption key error. I can't find anywhere i should enter the passphrase as per the Space Invader videos? Any suggestions please? The manual just sends you to LUKS github Thanks!
  9. Hi all newbie here, couldnt find any threads on this but hoping somebody can direct me if possibe please? I see some large unraids arrays in the threads >120TB , i am hoping to have something similar, to begin with 120TB raw in the form of: - 6x 10TB - 6x 6TB - 6x 4TB with 6 more bays for future expansion. I had originally been planning for ZFS-Z2 arrays on each however after discovering how damaging it is to consumer SSDs (the OS) i kind of had to throw away that idea. my question is simply that from what i have been able to find here in UNRAID forums, you can only assign 2 parity drives (providing they are at least as large as the largest drive in the pool). but in my instance the maths doesn't seem to add up, how can 2x 10TB parity provide enough cover the other 16 disks? perhaps there is some wonderful way of calculating it that i am unaware of but hoping somebody can share some info please? Many Thanks! G
  10. awesome thanks! i had no idea there were 'reverse breakout cables'!
  11. Hi all new here, just venturing in to a home server and decided on unraid, bought a 24 bay rackmount chassis and figured i'd use an old motherboard with 8 onboard sata ports and 2x 8port HBAs. the case is a logic case sc4324 which has 6 sff-8087 internal ports. i have connected a cable from here to the 8 seperate sata boards on the MB (Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi) but it wont detect the drives? does anyone know if you can connect these onboards ports in this manner please? many thanks! G