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  1. Honestly I don't know, in a previous system I had the gt710 in I was able to so I am confident I can . Unless I can use just the 1060, I would prefer that.
  2. It's all stuff I have including the gt710 and its special because it's a pcie 1x. I figure I will need two cards if I do a passthrough of the 1060 for the vm.
  3. Ok I guess what I am using 3800x asrock x570 steel legend gtx 1060 6gb hardware passthrough for windows 10 vm gt 710 4x wd green 3tb 4x seagate 2tb 1x wd red plus 8tb parity drive 2x adata 256gb ssd as cache pool 1x intel 256gb nvme for windows 10 vm 1x adata 512gb ssd for storage for windows 10 vm So plan is to run an unraid server dedicated for my wife and then the windows 10 vm is for her to do whatever. I will backup her info from the unraid to my main raid server. The unraid server just gives a central place for her stuff from