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  1. Hello again, thank you for the answer. In the meantime I was actually able to get almost everything running. Both Win10 and MacOS Big Sur are running- seemingly with GPU passthrough. I could not yet benchmark the systems and the MacOS has very slow internet connection. Once I was able to verify the capabilities and sort out the slow-internet-issue I will post as many details as I can here, so potentially help users with similar setups. If anyone has suggestions for the internet-problem in the meantime I would obviously be grateful Cheers!
  2. Hello, I am new to Unraid and a bit lost. I would be thankful for any help or pointing me in the right direction/thread. The problem: I can neither get Win10, nor Macinabox Big Sur to run as a VM. Trying to add a Win10-VM already fails during creation, thus not even creating the VM- the error that I get is a popup window telling me VM creation error internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor Setting up Macinabox essentially fails when I try to allocate multiple cores and add GPU-passthrough (with a specific BIOS-file)- resulting