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  1. As of now, I've gone 6 days with no crashes, freezes, or other concerning problems. So far, what I've done is: Disable global c-states in BIOS Drop RAM speeds to match the forum post linked earlier by JorgeB (1866 in my case) As stated previously, my BIOS has no option to change PSU idle control. Perhaps I can find it if I rollback my BIOS version, but since the server seems to be stable now, I'll reserve that for future troubleshooting. Thanks, all.
  2. Nope, I can't find it. I did lower the RAM speeds to the forum post you linked. Server ran for ~18 hours with no error right before this, hopefully this'll let it run for much longer.
  3. Unfortunately, according to some light research and forum reading, it appears ASRock took away my MB's Power Supply Idle Control option from the BIOS in some previous version, as it's missing. Perhaps they renamed it to something else, but the option descriptions are not very clear on that.
  4. Hi. I'm brand-new to Unraid, and built a small Unraid server. This past week. It seems to run well, but crashes 1-2 times every day. It uses a Ryzen 1800x, and I have followed the Ryzen suggestions from another thread (don't overclock CPU/RAM, disable Global C-States). Prior to those changes, the box crashed nearly every other hour. I have attached the diagnostics files along with some other logs that I hoped would be helpful, although I don't know how to read them well. I have a syslog server running on a Pi elsewhere on my network, but it seems like it only captures a portion of the Unraid logs and doesn't tell me what's causing the crashes. "unraidlog.log" is the Pi syslog, "syslog" is the /var/logs/syslog file from the Unraid server, and "dmesg" is the /var/logs/dmesg" dmesg log from the Unraid server. Any help would be greatly appreciated. dmesg unraidlog.log tower-diagnostics-20210715-1757.zip syslog