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  1. Hi I just got the same error on the same drive, here is the new diagnostics file. dttower-diagnostics-20210723-0256.zip
  2. Thanks, for the info, I have been able to rebuild the drive, and everything looks good. I still don't know why it happened in the first place, the Unraid server is a Dell PowerEdge R510 (with a SAS backplane), using a H200 HBA (in IT mode), and the server room was locked. I were copying the data on the network to the new drive, when it got the problem. If anything happens again I will not restart the system without making a diagnostics zip file. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, here is the new diagnosis: dttower-diagnostics-20210719-2349.zip
  4. Hi, I am new to fixing problems with Unraid and I were busy adding data to new drives that was just added to unraid when I got this problem with a disk. The Disk is disabled and content is emulated. This is a new disk that is about 3 weeks old. This is disk 6 on the array. I have followed the instructions from this guid: https://wiki.unraid.net/Manual/Storage_Management#Drive_shows_as_unmountable to test and repair the file system, but is doesn't mount. And it looks like my drive is still in a good condition. I have been able to get the file system back to xfs, but I still cannot mount/ enable the disk. I have rebooted the server and started the array, but with no luck. Here is the diagnostics zip file: I hope that someone can tell me what am I doing wrong. Thanks dttower-diagnostics-20210719-2225.zip