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  1. HI.. sorry newbie - working in IT Telephone for 10+ years and have dabbled in server networking and would like to expand my knowledge....so need some advise from group on build for the above. I have read that Gaming with VM is not as good as on a native system. Then others I have read this is not the case. CPU is as with the GPU and RAM are important. CPU speed is really important as is Core important when to spread across reources - e.g. 1 or 2 for Unraid, VM Dockers etc , 2 for Plex, then Cores required for Gaming so say 3 VM Gaming Machines so would 4 cores each or more be needed - think gaming on COD Warzone, GTA5, Assassin Creed - then CPU speed above 2.5 or greater, 3.0 better... but some I have read this is not the case. RAM I have read that for each service such as Unraid dockers Plex is important but so is providing sufficient RAM for gaming VM such as the idea of 3 VM Gaming. What I have read for each VM Gaming around 16GB RAM would be perfect. Now GPU I have read that for each gaming VM in this case, anything with 6GB or 8GB would be sufficent but would that meet the game types above. I know alot of this discussed is around gaming - just thinking of booting in this for my 2 kids while I look at my build - and all above are important for lab work on learning programming networking and messing around with dockers etc. - also Have read that about GSync and is this something to take into consideration So please do advise best practice and if you can advise on hardware that will be great. Budget is £900 or lower. The build is to get started and build on. I have looked at Xeon but have seen AMD is as good. So again sorry, newbie and hope for some good info to help me in my build