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  1. Ah ok, I only ever tested it on host or bridge mode in which it works fine. I can look into that, but if its something with the code itself I'll have to pass that on to the lead developer, I only made the docker containers haha
  2. There is a bit of nuance to it, it's the way the Kavita developer set up the email app. So for gmail you'd use the following config: - - SMTP_PORT=587 - SMTP_USER=<your gmail address> - SMTP_PASS=<google password> - SEND_ADDR=<your gmail address> - DISP_NAME=Kavita Then in Kavita itself, under Admin Settings -> Email Set the url to be http://<host-ip>:5003 Sometimes there is a bug where the email relay doesn't work, so if that still doesn't work try making sure you're using the latest stable release, and if that still doesn't work join us on the Discord and one of the devs can help troubleshoot it for you Hope that helps!
  3. I can set up a separate app for it, I'll get to work on that soon
  4. Hey thanks for trying it out! There is not currently a plugin planned, but I can certainly pass that off to the developer of the app, and not sure if it's relevant, but OPDS support is planned if Tachiyomi supports that Edit: I have been informed that a plugin is in the pipeline at some point, but most likely closer to a 1.0 release Edit 2: There is now a Tachiyomi extension! At the time of writing it is just waiting to be merged into their extension repo, but it will be on there very soon
  5. Application: Kavita Website: Dockerhub: Github: Wiki: Discord Support Channel: Kavita is a self hosted eBook/Comic/Manga reader with a beautiful user friendly reading interface. It currently has support for the following formats: Manga/Comics: ZIP, RAR, CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, TAR.GZ, 7ZIP/7Z Books: EPUB2, EPUB3, PDF Raw Images: JPG/JPEG, PNG Running Kavita is fairly straight forward, run the following command and be sure to map your eBook/Comic libraries into the container. docker run --name kavita -p 5000:5000 \ -v /your/books/directory:/library \ -v /kavita/data/directory:/kavita/config \ --restart unless-stopped \ -d kizaing/kavita:latest If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to either comment in this support thread, or check out our Discord, the developers are very active and helpful!