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  1. Could you tell us on which blacklist it appears? We don't see anything like it Best regards.
  2. Hi, That's not a problem, it's how filebrowser works. If you need to separate users you must create different folders for each user and in the Scope option you add the path to the share you have created in the format /folder/folder/folder/. You have to end with a / otherwise you will get an error. Best regards.
  3. Hi, In english you have this: In Spanish you have this: Best regards.
  4. Hi, Here: First you must stop the docker. Best regards.
  5. Hi, I open request on github: Will be studied to be added. Best regards.
  6. Hi, I open request on github: Will be studied to be added. Best regards.
  7. Hi, Thank you by your noticed. The problem is fixed on 2024.02.17 version. Best regards.
  8. Hi, nvme-cli now is installed on the system on 6.12.8 version. Best regards.
  9. Hi, Right now we use the package created from SBO, we will study the option you mention. Thank you very much. Best regards.
  10. socat is already added in nerdtools Best regards.
  11. Hi, Request open: We will try to add it in future versions. Best regards.
  12. Now is updated to the last version. Best regards. Added and fixed a error on 2024.02.05 version. Best regards. Added on 2024.02.05 version. Best regards. thanks for your effort, as soon as I have a moment I will look at it and let you know. Best regards.
  13. Hi, I open a request: In the next versions it will be added. Best regards.
  14. I don't think unraid is an option as a development machine. For this purpose I really recommend a virtual machine with Slackware for example if you need to create packages for unraid by yourself. Best regards.
  15. Hi, Added on 2024.01.27 version. Best regards.