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  1. Would the LSI 9280-8e also work with unRaid? I am also looking for an external-port alternative for another built.
  2. Hi there, No, I don't think so, it is only mini ITX and DTX boards Here is the product link at Fractal Design https://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/cases/discontinued-products/array-r2-mini-itx-nas-case
  3. Thanks very much. I have got an IBM M1015 and will be cross flashing it. Thanks again!
  4. ... or any PCI-E controller with an 8x physical interface? The X7SBE seems to have a free PCI-E slot, 8x only though...
  5. Hi guys, Any recommendation for a PCI-X SAS controller with an internal interface? To go into a Supermicro X7SBE mainboard. Thanks very much!
  6. Take a look at this one, I still have it for sale, however it only includes the mainboard...
  7. Hi guys, anyone tried using Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 with SAS drives? I just attached a Toshiba Enterprise MG04SCA 4TB, 512e, SAS 12Gb/ s drive and it seems not to be able to talk to it, might be SATA only...
  8. Anyone still interested in this box, I still have it and it sits unused in its box!
  9. I just double checked and on my invoice it states "Fractal Design Array R2 Mini ITX NAS Case". Also the pictures are my own and from the actual items.
  10. 4x 12T (IronWolf Pro) is pretty a huge volume, don't you think? Depends of course what you want. This definitely is a nice case, the way up to the 24 and 60 drive 19" enclosures (and I for myself am definitely not into those huge and cheap desktop cases, sorry).
  11. One of the very nicest NAS-like enclosure for a 6-disk server is the Fractal Design Array R2 Mini case. I have here some pictures of it, in a server that I have built.
  12. Guys, I was really very busy and did not had any spare time in between, so this 6-disk unRaid server is still available. I would be glad if an unRaid fellow would get it prior to putting it on eBay. With todays disk technology you can have a 6x 12TB, i.e. around 60TB net capacity in there (suggest Seagate IronWolf or IronWolf Pro drives). I was using it with ST4000DM000 drives and it worked wonderful.
  13. Yes, the ST8000DM004 is SMR and is much cheaper than the ST8000DM0004 which is PMR and the one filled with helium. I think those got mixed up above.
  14. Guys, I am selling my beloved 6 disk UnRaid build. It was running for a short period of time and everything is as new as it can be. Only thing you would need are the data drives. It is in a full aluminium Fractal Design case looking as new without a single scratch. It has been modified with 2x 120mm fans in the front, so that *all* 6 disk are being cooled really good. Stock 140mm fan is of course included in the box. Supermicro micro-ITX server board with IPMI console over IP and remote power on/off functionality sleep/wakeup works perfectly with this system - it wakes up as soon as a WOL packet is received. After predefined inactivity time it goes to sleep where only RAM is being powered. This works really, really good and is being configured on the included UnRaid USB Stick. 6-disk UnRaid license included on a Lexar USB disk Fractal Design and Supermicro boxes are included with the manuals, etc. Parts Fractal Design Array R2 Mini mini-ITX full alumium case, modified with 2x 120mm ultra silent fans, covering all 6 drives - $160 Fractal Design mini-ITX power supply 300 Watt Supermicro X75SPA-HF-O mini-ITX server board with IPMI and remote on/off and full Wake over LAN functionality, working with UnRaid - $180 UnRaid Basic license for 6 disks with an Lexar Firefly 2GB drive - $60 4GB RAM on 2x Hynix HYMP125S64CP8-S6 Memory sticks (SO-DIMM 2GB, DDR2-800, CL6) - $40 6x SATA cables - $10 2x NoiseBlocker 120mm Ultra Low Noise Fans - $30 If you are interested, please make me an offer. Based in Germany but I can ship worldwide.