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  1. Ok, I see, so probably my v1.7 isn't writing the proper signature and the disk do not get recognized as pre-cleared in the newer array. Which version or other tool do I need to write a signature to the disk (it is already pre-cleared with the old script). Btw, what happened to Joe L., must have been at least 10 years..
  2. No, not all, not doing anything. Just pre-clear and inserting the pre-cleared disk into the production array. Thanks for confirmation, was thinking I am missing something.
  3. Hi guys, I am running unRaid version 6.9.2 and last time I added a precleared disk, the array didn't notice it is already precleared and started recalculating parity again. What is the proper way of letting the array know a precleared disk will be added, so it do not need to recalculate the parity? Thanks! PS: I am using a pretty old Joe L. v1.7 on a different (version 4.7) server, which actually shouldn't matter, no?
  4. Thank you very much! I was used to reset the drive with zeros first and then take it out marking parity is valid. This time I didn't had enough time for zeroing...
  5. Hi guys, I copied a disk over to some remaining free space and now want to get rid of that old disk. Took it out of the array, but array shows it as missing. How can I get rid of it and tell unraid to disregard that old disk, "empty" that slot and calculate new parity? Thanks much!
  6. I am basically recalculating parity while running the array in protected mode!! As I have only one parity drive (12TB) in a huge array, I am removing two 4TB drives (already copied over to a new 8TB drive) without running for hours unprotected while the new parity gets calculated. I don't care how often the parity drive is written and how long it takes to zero the two old 4TB drives. I would however avoid running for some 24-36 hours unprotected while rebuilding parity from scratch. Where it would take only an array re-start if I zero the two old drives manually beforehand.
  7. Thanks, all is clear now. I suppose I can sequentially fill up more than a single old drive with zeros and then in a single step make a new array config with the remaining drives and select that parity is already valid, right?
  8. Thanks much! Can I leave Settings -> Disk Settings -> Tunable (md_write_method) forever set to "reconstruct write" or is it just for this process and then should I put it back to auto, which is my current setting?
  9. Something like dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda for the sda drive to be removed? And I do this while the array is running, right Thanks very much, highly appreciated!
  10. Hey guys, hope you are well. Any ideas as to how to phase out old disks from a running array (with a single parity disk) without stopping the entire array and having to rebuild parity from scratch? The data from the old disks is already migrated to a new larger disk, already part of the array, so I just need to take out the older (smaller) disks. Rebuilding onto the new disk was not possible as I switched from reiserfs on the older disks to xfs on the new drive, also I migrated two 4TB disks to a single, new 8TB drive. Any hints are highly appreciated. Can be anything tricky as I am savvy on the cmdline, etc. Kind regards
  11. Do you know where I can get screen to install on this unraid version?
  12. Works now. Interesting why the old 6.2.0-rc3 server could not contact the key server? Is there anything that I should look into after the upgrade to 6.8.3? Thanks again very much!
  13. Now the GUI came, it probably needed a little bit longer to start.