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  1. Oh, got it. Thanks very much - this took me a lo of time and trial... Thanks!
  2. If I take out an old drive by manually copying files out and rebuilding array with new super.dat, it still uses old FS for the new drive in that same slot despite default FS being set to XFS for new drives!! Seems that the meaning is for new "slots" and not new "drives"!
  3. Hi guys, I am still running version 6.2.0-rc3 and have the following issue now while swapping and/or adding drives: All old drives are formatted with reiserFS. In the Disk Settings I have setup XFS as the preferred default FS ot be used. However, each time I swap a drive with a new one, the new one gets formatted with ReiserFS unless I put in the drive in a slot that was never used before. I reconsructed several times the array by removing super.dat, but no change. Any hints are greatly appreciated.
  4. Any ideas how to recover this XFS disk?
  5. Parity was disabled as I was copying disks and moving data, so no valid parity at the moment. Need other approach, copy partition from another (same, identical) disk, mount, etc.
  6. Hi guys, accidentally dd'ed over an XFS formatted disk, something like 150MB or so from the beginning is there a way I can reconstruct the disk? Array was stopped and the disk was not mounted. Disk was a 4TB ST4000DM000, 4k aligned, formatted with XFS Command executed dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=100000000 Hit Cmd-C immediately (after 1sec approximately) I have other disks of the absolutely same type for extracting partition table or whatever necessary... Thanks for any hints
  7. Thanks on that hint, didn't knew. I am running currently 6.2.0-rc3 and I do not see GPT 4k-aligned available as a partition scheme in the Disk Settings. I only see MBR and MBR 4k-aligned and was planning to insert some 8TB drives. Any idea which version do I need to upgrade to without breaking too much of what I currently have and introducing lots of new dependencies? Thanks
  8. Perhaps, I asked the question wrong. If I go into Disk Settings (in 6.2.0-rc3), I can only choose MBR and MBR-4k aligned in the partition scheme to be used for newly added drives. There is no option for GPT. Maybe 6.2.0 is able to read GPT but not use it as partitioning scheme for new drives. I am planning to add new 8TB drives ot the array and wanted to start having them GPT partitioned, 4k aligned and XFS formatted. Thanks, highly appreciated your help!
  9. That's a great idea with the cache drive. I currently do not use a cache drive, so the cache drive slot is free. So, I insert a new drive there, partition, format, take out and bring elsewhere, copy data onto it and then assign as a regular data drive. Then rebuild parity. Would that work? Thanks.
  10. Hi there, I am running unRaid version 6.2.0-rc3 and need to upgrade to a version including support GPT partitioning. Anyone know which unRaid version did introduce GPT partitions? Thanks
  11. Nice setup! Mind asking how is the 10Gbps card, Mellanox MNPA19-XTR running? Did you had to do any adaptations in order to get it to work with unRaid?
  12. I wanted to partition and format to unraid specs, mount elsewhere and copy data onto it and THEN bring it into the array. I wanted to transport the data with and copy data to different disk and then copy into the array.
  13. That is exactly why I wasn't looking into upgrading as everything I need is running fine. You know, never touch a running system. Only need to parition and format a disk to XFS, then copy data somewhere else, then put back into array, rebuild and calculate new parity.