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  1. I am basically recalculating parity while running the array in protected mode!! As I have only one parity drive (12TB) in a huge array, I am removing two 4TB drives (already copied over to a new 8TB drive) without running for hours unprotected while the new parity gets calculated. I don't care how often the parity drive is written and how long it takes to zero the two old 4TB drives. I would however avoid running for some 24-36 hours unprotected while rebuilding parity from scratch. Where it would take only an array re-start if I zero the two old drives manually beforeh
  2. Thanks, all is clear now. I suppose I can sequentially fill up more than a single old drive with zeros and then in a single step make a new array config with the remaining drives and select that parity is already valid, right?
  3. Thanks much! Can I leave Settings -> Disk Settings -> Tunable (md_write_method) forever set to "reconstruct write" or is it just for this process and then should I put it back to auto, which is my current setting?
  4. Something like dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda for the sda drive to be removed? And I do this while the array is running, right Thanks very much, highly appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, hope you are well. Any ideas as to how to phase out old disks from a running array (with a single parity disk) without stopping the entire array and having to rebuild parity from scratch? The data from the old disks is already migrated to a new larger disk, already part of the array, so I just need to take out the older (smaller) disks. Rebuilding onto the new disk was not possible as I switched from reiserfs on the older disks to xfs on the new drive, also I migrated two 4TB disks to a single, new 8TB drive. Any hints are highly appr
  6. Do you know where I can get screen to install on this unraid version?
  7. Works now. Interesting why the old 6.2.0-rc3 server could not contact the key server? Is there anything that I should look into after the upgrade to 6.8.3? Thanks again very much!
  8. Now the GUI came, it probably needed a little bit longer to start.
  9. I know how to do the diagnostics, this is not the point.
  10. Copied over the bz* files and rebooted. Array came online. But no GUI now 😞
  11. What is the bzfirmware file doing? I won't bother with the EFI folder as I don't have EFI, right?
  12. Regarding 6.8.3 upgrade, do I still copy bz* to the flash stick and reboot?
  13. All this is fine but the server worked just fine, and was rebooted couple of time during last months, all without issues. Now, after a reboot because I am adding a new drive and array doesn't start. What went wrong in between with the Key Server?? There is obviously not a network issue on my end.