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  1. SOLVED! Thanks everyone, everything is all green now! Escpecially you garycase. Followed your last post and everything works now. Only small downside is that i have 527 errors on one disk. I'll run another check soon for that. Thanks.
  2. Good news! I have definitely a working system! Yesterday i found another old motherboard (ASUS P5Q DELUXE). So i thought: let's try that one. Only issue i had is that this one doesn't have onboard video. So i tried my NVIDIA GT 430. And now everything works, i can finally login. So now i'm ready for the next step. What should i do in order to get my system back online safe? Should i add one disk at a time? For example connect my parity drive to sata 1, boot the system assign the disk and so on for the next drives? And start the array. Or what should i do?
  3. The original psu was a Corsair 400 W now i'm trying it with a Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 850 W. I have also replaced the CMOS battery. I can't remember when i said that i had a 'working' system that it would just boot or let me login to the tower. But tomorrow i will reinstall everything again. I'll even try it without the screws connected. Now i'm wondering something: isn't it necessary to connect at least one disk drive in order to boot? About the monitor: i've used an Acer V203H and an Acer S243HL. They both didn't work, so the next thing i tried was plugging the usb key in my n
  4. I know it's been a while, but i haven't had any time to test it any sooner. Plugging the usb key in my regular pc works! I can login, it's asking for login. After that i can see the following screens. So now the questions is, why the hell is it not working on my server?
  5. @ Frank The board i'm using is the M4A 89 GTD PRO, i have no other cards installed, updated the bios to the lastest version. It was a board i've used with unraid a while ago. I've tried 2 different usb flash drives (Philips & Cruzer micro) formatted them named it UNRAID unzipped the latest firmware to it and made it bootable by right click run as adm. Then i went to the bios to check if the new drive is listed (which it did) boot as first device but it does nothing, not even the option menu with memtest or unraid. Have to go to work again, i'll try again tomorrow. Need to pu
  6. Believe it or not but it says: READY It was going very fast but i really saw it. So now the question is: why am i not getting the login screen? I mean if ready means i have a working system...
  7. Allright i'll test it again in about 3 hours from now. But even if it says 'ready' then shouldn't the monitor stay on and ask me to login?
  8. I believe it's something like: no signal going to sleep. I think it's Unraid 4.7
  9. After 26 hours of testing i didn't get any errors. See the results here: I also made a video showing how the system boots up Does anyone have an idea how i can get my server back online? I really don't know what to do anymore
  10. Allright i'll do some testing, the usb drive showed up without any errors. Performing the memtest right now. All i can do is wait for the results...
  11. Well here's an update, i finally have a working system again. It boots just fine now with the new motherboard & psu, i only had to reset the cmos because the monitor wouldn't turn on. Still i have a problem booting into unraid. I have no disks connected, i've inserted my usb flash drive and booted into unraid. It goes like usual: loading bzimage..... bzroot................................etc. but then the monitor turns off. I'm not getting the screen where i can login. I do have the ethernet cable plugged in. Does anyone know what i should do here?
  12. I can't believe this... After testing the new system i placed the screws back in it's place, no response. So tried to test it again like the first time (mobo & psu next to the case) still no luck. So now i have no idea why it did work so shortly. Maybe it's the psu afterall. I drove to the town to buy the psu cable, couldn't find any so i'm going to try and order this online so i can test it. I would say that it must be the psu since i've tried everything else now. Could be a couple of days to have an update, just so you know. Wow, can't even find a power cord for my psu (
  13. I think i have 4.7 at least not the latest one. I really don't know for sure which is my parity drive. I do not have have a cache drive. Well the external graphic card didn't help, i even tried a different monitor. i couldn't test the other psu i have because it uses a different psu cable which i don't have right now. So now i'll try the new board with the new processor and ram without any drives connected with my old psu. Once i got a working system, isn't it possible to connect the usb drive en login to the tower (without connected drives) to see which is my parity drive? E
  14. Stupid of me about the ram. Offcourse that won't work. Well it's all turned on, psu seems to work, the board also gives a green light. Just to be certain i'll try a different psu. I'm using the onboard video. I've found an external card that i will connect to see if it helps. I will run the tests and keep everyone updated.
  15. Thanks for your reply's. I did not have a sudden shut down of my server it just stopped working. Now i have found an older board i've used before (ASUS M4A89GTD PRO) Which has 2 sticks of ram and an AMD X2 250 processor on it. First thing i'll try is to use that ram on my current board to see if it helps. If that won't help than i will try an external video card to see if i can get to the bios. And Finally i will replace my current board for the one i've found. Unfortunately i was not smart enough to write down which drive is on the ports. I can only guess that i've put them in