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  1. Whatever you have done witz PhantomBot-1 , now it works Thanks a lot !
  2. No problem, thank you for your help. I can't do more than follow the instructions
  3. Yes Thx i know, but that what i mean ist this : After create first time the docker. Go to to /mnt/user/appdata/phantomboto/ create a files named botlogin.txt then relaunch the docker. - Done After the relaunch, edit the docker and remove BotToken TwitchUserToken TwitchUserName ot it will be overwrite. - Done Go to the panel and follow the instruction in OAUTH setup on the WebUI - NoWebgui - Errorlog (1. Please enter the bot's Twitch username: [02-28-2022 @ 16:50:20.667 GMT] [ERROR] Failed to setup PhantomBot. Now exiting...) When i Save the Config i get BotToken: sggeh..... Twitch bot user OAuth token ( My Bot_Account TwitchUserToken: m9w25yn.... Twitch caster channel OAuth token ( My User_Account TwitchUserName: Krashdeez Twitch caster channel When i Save this i geht the Startoperation : root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker create --name='PhantomBot' --net='br0' --ip='x.x.x.x' -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e HOST_OS="MyUnraid" -e 'TCP_PORT_25000'='25000' -e 'PHANTOMBOT_PANELUSER'='Bot' -e 'PHANTOMBOT_PANELPASSWORD'='xx' -e 'PHANTOMBOT_USEHTTPS'='true' -e 'PHANTOMBOT_USER'='sggeh.....' -e 'PHANTOMBOT_OAUTH'='m9w25yn....' -e 'PHANTOMBOT_APIOAUTH'='Krashdeez' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/phantomboto/':'/opt/PhantomBot_data/config':'rw' '' ce79c471881734c88b4b84085f555d63608ccb9c472e32306e6195864a732acb
  4. Heyho whats Wrong With the "phantomBot" ? I always geht [02-28-2022 @ 12:34:32.565 GMT] The working directory is: /opt/PhantomBot [02-28-2022 @ 12:34:32.627 GMT] Detected Java running on Linux 5.10.28-Unraid (amd64) Welcome to the PhantomBot setup process! If you have any issues please join our Discord! Discord: PhantomBot has detected that your device is running Linux. Here's the setup guide for Ubuntu: Here's the setup guide for CentOS: 1. Please enter the bot's Twitch username: [02-28-2022 @ 12:34:32.781 GMT] [ERROR] Failed to setup PhantomBot. Now exiting... And Maybe your Config is wrong, They are Different to the config after "Save" BotToken: Twitch bot user OAuth token ( TwitchUserToken: Twitch caster channel OAuth token ( TwitchUserName: Any Ideas what can i do ? Best regards Krash
  5. Ok c'était apparemment un problème sur ma partie / le serveur après une réinitialisation complète du serveur il fonctionne maintenant avec le redémarrage et l'arrêt, cependant. Mais maintenant vient le problème suivant, après l'achèvement les dossiers ont la permission "root" et je ne peux pas déplacer les dossiers avec mon utilisateur. Veuillez réparer cela. Toutefois, j'aimerais pouvoir définir COMMENT renommer les données. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok it was apparently a problem on my part / the server after a complete reset of the server it now works with restart start and stop, however. But now comes the next problem, after completion the folders have the "root" permission and I can not move the folders with my user. Please fix. But I still want to be able to define HOW he renames the data.
  6. This Docker deletes all files from the folders. When I start the Docker and put files in, it does what it is supposed to do. If I leave the data as it is because I don't think anything bad about it, and restart the docker, it deletes all the files in the existing paths. This should not happen! If it runs then it does its work.
  7. Hey, Is there anyway to Customize the Output ? For Example Not with a "-" Maybe a "_" ? Thak you Best regards