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  1. Have you thought about using a newer version of netatalk? 2.2.3 is available in slackware 14. PACKAGE NAME: netatalk-2.2.3-i486-4.txz PACKAGE LOCATION: ./slackware/n Very easy to install the txz. And 3.0.3 looks like it has some fixes for EA that might help.
  2. Maybe you can post the steps to the group on one of the other threads so anyone else who wants to do this won't have to PM you.
  3. Why not go to debian and use apt-get?
  4. Is unmenu still compatible with unraid v5 or has something else been created for better pkg mgmt and system information? Thanks aron
  5. The share works ok for the first 20 seconds, but after that OSX gives me the above alert and then i cannot navigate any further around the share :-( Any ideas about this Tom?? Yes, something wrong with AFP. Lol, thanks for that! I was thinking more, is there something obvious that i am missing and can look at / change.... So glad i asked! What version of OSX?
  6. Where is you parity drive? Not to assume that you have all your drives on the card.
  7. +1 Shall we get the core hardware working before we start bolting on extras? Save it for 5.1? +1
  8. Couldn't that be filtered/corrected by regex?
  9. And where the parity drive is connected, on the motherboard or on an add on card (plus card model).
  10. Maybe we should ping ASUS to fix this in BIOS?
  11. I did get a response from Gigabyte. "..the onboard graphic and the first PCIE slot are using the same source, if you are using onboard graphic please do not insert any PCIE card to PCIE slot 1. " I've returned it.
  12. Honestly no. I haven't heard good things with the newer version.
  13. The problem is not the Boot Drive. The problem is that I am not able to reliably use this gigabyte board with the supermicro card. Everything works correctly if I REMOVE the supermicro card. Installing it, I get unreliable results that mostly end with the motherboard going through POST and not booting. I have gotten it to boot a few times, but then I am missing the HDD that is attached to the supermicro card and one of the HDD plugged into the MB directly. I have tried two different 880ga-ud3h (ver 2.1 and ver 2.2) with the same results. I have given up on using this MB/card combo.
  14. "_" that flashes on the top left. I never get the loading OS message. I'll have to check the INT config. I'm sure I disabled it. If I remove the card, everything works.
  15. It is the AOC-SASLP-MV8 ( It works with out it. Once I plug it into a slot. I no longer boot into an os. Just hangs. I don't think it is the supermicro card as it worked in the other board. I only have the one card. I'll order another one to compare and verify.