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  1. Hello, Thank you again vr2lo for your help ! I come back with a new cable received this morning. It works ! Last little question because you seem to know the subject really well. Which PCI card (minimum 2 x sff 8087) could you recommend to me? I understood that the Lsi brand cards were fine. What do you think about it ?
  2. I have no other sff 8087 equipment unfortunately. Thank you very much for all. I will order a new cable and keep you informed. 👍
  3. Yet it seemed correct to me. Transmission and reception reversed on one side and the other. You assure me that is a forward cable that I have? (because it is written "reverse" on the bag)
  4. Finally, with all my cables I get the same results (hope this is clear) (disregard the HDD, I just use it to have contact) :
  5. Thank you for your very quick responses. I test it all and tell you again.
  6. OK The bag of cables describes "reverse cable ...". Normally it's good
  7. Thanks, I will check the BIOS options. But when I say it doesn't boot, it doesn't even start to spin.
  8. The backplane has sff 8087 and sas connectors. I also have a straight cord, but it also doesn't work.
  9. Hello, I bought a rack-mountable case (unykach HSW4520, identical to the intertech 4u 4420). I have ordered two sff8087 reversed cords (https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B09BKMDK5Y?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share). But after multiple tests no disc is detected. I have test on two motherboard. Strangely enough, when a 3.5 inch drive is plugged in it won't boot. All 12v and 5v voltages are OK (even on a hard drive card). But if I start by making contact between pin 11 and 10 or 12 of the hard drives (cf schema of sata pin) , the drives start up, but still are not recognized. The ssd also does not work. I did a lot of testing without results but I don't know what to do now. Hope you can help me. Regards, Florian