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  1. Drives mounted. Still need to run the pre-clear on them. Then upgrade to the pro version and we should be up and running.
  2. Cage mounted, new power supply, mobo installed, drive power installed, fans installed.
  3. Here's a shot of the case after I cut out all the interfering bits.
  4. I've got three old Dell Poweredge 700 server boxes ca. 2003. I've started an unRAID project with the worst of them... Here's my starting point - note sawdust inside the box. And where we are today. And here's the pile of debris: I've drilled out the rivets holding the back and top of the case on. Also removed the existing drive cages and SCSI hot swap cage. So far I have just plugged in a couple of junker IDE drives to get a feel for how unRAID works. The plan is to run two drives off the motherboard SATA ports and add an 8 port Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 contro