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  1. Well I didn't have two users with the same username. However I did figure out what happened during the second install. At first the data folder was set to \data then an error occurred with the db connection. After correcting that I hadn't noticed the data directory was changed to www\nextcloud\data or something like that.... Now after the three install, it all works
  2. It was already set to /data and in the container was set to my unraid share
  3. I started all over again. I wiped and deleted the unraid share. I deleted the DB. And I uninstalled the nextcloud container. I created a new unraid share and db. I downloaded the nextcloud container and pointed the /data to the unraid share. I have it running and can upload files. At least I can in nextcloud. I can see them on a user's dashboard. The unraid share doesn't have any files I've uploaded. This is puzzling to me. Where are the files being stored? I have the unraid share set to use the cache. nextcloud.
  4. Yes, there was an older install. I have logged into those accounts at least once
  5. The users I created aren't in the Unraid share Chrisscloud. There should be three, brad.chriss, tammy.chriss, peggy.chriss The admin user I created (ChrissCloud) is there, and another user btchriss, which has been deleted is still there
  6. * You created a share in Unraid and mounted it into the Nextcloud docker as /data? Yes, I created a share in Unraid, named the share Nextcloud and mounted that as the /data. I didn't create a share in Nextcloud. I thought creating the users would create user folders within the Unraid share to see their files. I have uploaded photos from a users account but I cannot see those photo in Unraid. As for the last question, I also have a share in Unraid called Photos. I wanted users to have access to this folder as well to upload photos to this specific folder.
  7. I've created a share for my nextcloud data. I've created a few users but I don't see a folder created with their user name and I don't know where their files are going. Also, can I add an existing share to be able to upload files to a certain folder?
  8. Thx guys. Appreciate the suggestions
  9. Can someone recommend a remote desktop software like teamviewer. I what to set it up in docker if possible. My mother in PA has constant computer questions and I use teamviewer to help her out. Now it looks like teamviewer has a connection limit on there free version. It only allows 10 minute connections.
  10. I'm running swag as a docker on my unRaid server. I have built a website where I want to allow authenticated users to upload photos. However I haven't been able to successfully upload a file to the share I have setup for the website. I know it's a permissions issue but don't know how to resolve it.
  11. I have a subdomain set up for it. I have LE/SWAG on a user defined bridge and CODE-SERVER on the same bridge. Because I'm using a user defined bridge does anything in the conf file have to change? My domain name for code-server ( is resolving back to my main site (
  12. A-ha! I knew I was over thinking it! Looking at the code-server.subdomain.config it seems like all I need to do is take the .sample off and it's good to go?
  13. First of all, thanks for creating this. I just found out my network dept just blacklisted vscode as a security risk. Told me to use VS because it does the same thing. Crazy! I got the container working and can open it in the browser locally. Now I need to set up a cert and try to get it over https. I think I'm over complicating the setup though. I setup a dns with cloudflare pointing to my pfsense wan and have nat forwading 443 to 8443 (I also have LE/SWAG listening on 1443). I'm using acme to obtain a cert from letsencrypt for code-server. When I try the website code.b
  14. Never mind peeps. I got it to work. For those out there who wants assistance with setting up IPv6 contact me at as I'm not always on this forum
  15. I got it to work. I'm back up