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  1. Dear doesntaffect, thank you very much for your suggestions! I am happy to have a more powerful system with just a little more extra costs. J.
  2. Dear forum members, thanks to all the information you are providing I (newbie to unraid) was able to make a hardware list for my first machine which will run unraid. As I am a beginner I would like to ask if you could review my setup and comment it. These are my requirements: - data backup (currently I have around 8 GB of data) - run two virtual machines (webserver for testing purposes, some cron jobs, no "big" software, no image editing, no video and all that stuff) permanently and another (testing operating systems) one if required - run "some docker containers". To be honest at the moment I don't know how many they will be and which ones I will use. Probably 3 or 4, so the hardware should be able to run like 8 or 10 (?). - NO GAMING, NO INTENSIVE GRAPHIC USE, NO 3D APPLICATIONS With these low requirements I decided for the following hardware: - Processor: Intel Core i3-10105 - Motherboard: Gigabyte B560M DS3H V2 - RAM: G.Skill Aegis DIMM 16GB, DDR4-2666 - SSD: Lexar NM620 512GB, M.2 - 3x 10 TB harddisk, not defined yet, one of them as parity disk (this makes 20 TB storage - enough for now. Probably one more 10 TB disk will follow after years...) - Power Supply: Kollink Core C300 300W ATX 2.3 (KL-C300) - USB Stick: Sandisk Cruiser Fit 16 GB CPU cooler and housing should not be topic of this thread. I am glad about any thoughts and ideas. Thank you very much! Jadakiss. ...yes, that's my name and I am not the rapper :-)