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  1. This solved itself after the upgrade.. I can see it now and no longer listed in the network part
  2. Having two bridge interfaces on Unraid server , BR0 and BR1, will it be doing inter-bridge routing. Will the interface IPs BR0 and BR1 route be reachable to each other. I am asking because I want a similiar setup but I want inter-bridge communication controlled via external firewall.
  3. I disabled Bonding - changed option to No. After that I loose connection.
  4. Yes, I tried that and it seemed logical, but that breaks it.
  5. Hi all, I recently installed an additonal 2 PORT PCIe NIC card into my unraid server. It detected it fine, however it automatically puts all ports in Bonding ( see attached Unraid1 ). I cannot however change this config, If i remove bonding the server becomes unreachable. I have to restore network config from backup to get back in. I don't wan't bonding, i want NIC 1 dedicated to the box ( bridging ). I want to use other NICs for my other VM appliances. So far everything I tried has failed.. Can somebody help me in this. Thanks,
  6. I used the above guide to install ESXi 6.7 and 7.0 up2a. I had no issues with NIC's . However, I have a weired problem. I cannot copy anything to ESXi "datastores", either using webbrowser or SCP. Forums attribute this behaviour to certificates, I have tried to resolve that too. However, this still does not work. No files can be copied to datastores..either during OVA deployment or direct upload to datastores.. Has anybody encountered this type of issue ? any help would be appreciated