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  1. Wow. I feel dumb. It was the firewall. I temporarily cleared iptables and it connects. I thought I already tried that but I guess there was something else wrong when I tried. Ugh. Hopefully this can be a cautionary tale for anyone who falls down the same rabbit hole
  2. Bingo. On case #3 where I have the docker using --net=container:vpn and try to connect via STATICIP:2456.... I attached the following command to the process root@BuenoServer:~# nsenter -t 13945 -n strace -p 21228 -e trace=network strace: Process 21228 attached ^Cstrace: Process 21228 detached I saw nothing from strace, but a parallel tcpdump saw the UDP packets coming in on 2456. I do the same for case #2 (Valheim docker using bridge network and connect UNRAIDSERVERIP:2456), I see the packets come into the process. So we've got the process showing it is listening to the port via netstat, we've got tcpdump showing the packets are coming in for that port, but the process is definitely not seeing them.... I have no clue why. Thoughts?
  3. Continuing to narrow in on the issue... Viewing the Valheim server logs on case #1 or #2 (the 'working' cases), I see 01/14/2022 22:21:34: New connection But on the none working cases where it is using the --net=container:vpn, I never see this. As mentioned above, I see the port listening in the VPN container: root@BuenoServer:/mnt/user/appdata# nsenter -t 13243 -n netstat -nap | grep val udp 0 0* 13551/valheim_serve udp6 0 0 :::2456 :::* 13551/valheim_serve And tcpdump shows packets going into UDP port 2456... so the networking stack is at least receiving the packets on that UDP port. Could something possibly be blocking the Valheim service from actually receiving the packets (i.e. either the stack or something between stack and process is dropping it)? I've already tried disabling firewall but that doesn't help. Is it some weird IPV6 thing (not sure why it would be if it works fine in cases #1 / #2 using udp6)?
  4. OK, troubleshooting further: 1) I setup my Windows Valheim server again through the Windscribe application and connected from another computer to STATICIP:2456. Taking a tcpdump (using Winshark + npcap) I see traffic going both TO and FROM udp port 2456. 2) I setup the Valheim docker on UNRAID using the bridge network and from my local computer I connect to UNRAIDIP:2456. Taking a tcpdump on br0, I see traffic going both TO and FROM udp port 2456 again. 3) Here is where I get an issue. I startup a Valheim docker on UNRAID using the --net=container:vpn and connect from another computer to STATICIP:2456. Taking a tcpdump on tun0 of the vpn container, I see traffic coming INTO udp port 2456, but I never see it get sent back out. 4) The case I describe originally in this thread has the same behavior as #3. I startup a Valheim docker on UNRAID using the --net=container:vpn, make a nginx proxy for 2456:2456/UDP + 2457:2457/UDP, and connect from another computer to UNRAIDIP:2456. Taking a tcpdump on tun0 or br0, I see traffic coming into udp port 2456 but never returned. Does anyone have an idea why the data might not be getting sent back out when looped through the container like this? The docker image itself works fine if using the bridge network... but when routed through the --net=container:vpn, the process never sends data back out whether it be the VPN's STATICIP or the nginx proxies.
  5. While I did forward the ports in the Windscribe webUI (2456-2457) as mentioned in that guide, it was not working using STATICIP:2456 either. Interesting to note that I WAS able to get this working if I host the dedicated server on my Windows PC which is connected to the VPN static IP. With that setup, I was able to connect to STATICIP:2456 from another PC in the house. But it is not ideal to have my main gaming PC running the game server, would be much preferred to use the UNRAID server docker. I decided to try and get this working via a local connection first as a troubleshooting step to better understand why the VPN static IP may not be working. In theory, me running the Valheim docker using the VPN container network and forwarding the ports to the host should work in a similar fashion as Windscribe forwarding the ports at their static IP end. I'd be happy getting either to work honestly.