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  1. No... I did install the newest version of CUPS. But I still get a PDD error. This is after following the list of commands and making sure I have the correct Bus and device is the CUPS docker settings. I am open to setting up a zoom meeting and sharing screens so someone can follow what I am doing and correct any mistakes I am making.
  2. I cannot seem to get terminal to install the drivers. I get a command not recognized error.
  3. Thank you!! This helps greatly. I truly appreciate it.
  4. I have an old USB printer (I bought it for $50.00) 15 years ago. It is a Canon Image class 4100 MF. Supposably the new version of cups can handle it. When will the new version get updated or can you add a PPD script to your docker? Yes, I know I can get one with an ethernet port or WiFi but I am broke and using what I have.