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  1. This is what happened. I purchased 2 preformatted lexar filreflys from unraid. I have always backed them up and rotated flashes when I updated. Im assuming they both came preformatted with 2 pro keys installed on both drives. All my back up flash files have 2 pro keys in the config file. The flash that is running 5.0-16rc has two pro keys in the config file and it works fine. When I tried to go to 5.0.5 I set it up and transffered config file with 2 pro keys in it. After reading all of your replies I decided to try one pro key at a time. That was the problem, I deleted one of the pro keys and now all is good, it shows pro now in 5.0.5. . I appreciate all of your replies, thanks very much
  2. I tried that, I think part of the problem is that I have two flash drives both with pro licenses. I used one to upgrade to 5.0 rc16c and the other had 4.7 on it. I then used the flash with 4.7 on it to go to 5.0.5. It boots only in basic and when I look at GUID it says flash guid ####################, then says registered GUID ########################## Wrong. The register guid is the flash guid of my other stick. I need learn how to change GUID numbers in the unraid server. I dont want to mess with the flash that works, this has been my MO since I started unraid swapping each flash as I go so there is always a working flash. I appreciate your help, if you know how to do this that would be great, thanks again.
  3. I upgraded my server to 5.0.5. I formatted flash, installed 5.0.5, ran make disk bootable, transfer config file. Now when server starts it just has three slots available and says basic instead of pro. I bought 2 pro licenses years ago and have never had a problem upgrading. Is the flash going bad or am i missing something. thanks.
  4. I was doing some more reading and I think your both right about starting fresh and copying over necessary files, thanks for your help.
  5. Im trying to upgrade from 5.0-rc16c to 5.0.5. I copied bizroot, bizimage, and syslinux.cfg to flash drive. When I restart it says cannot find kernal...... and just keeps putting up that massage and never starts. copied all the old files back and everything boots and works like it should. I tried copying bizroot, bizimage and the whole syslinux folder onto the flash drive. Now it goes all the way through and just sits there where it use to say tower login and now it just says the syslinux version and just sits there. Any help would be appreciated. I have been running 5.0-rc16c since it came out with out a problem. I am running plex too.
  6. Tried both sticks one at a time in all slots, relaxed timings, bumped and stock voltages, still cant run memtest. I ran a parity check last night and all was good, no errors. I dont know what else to try. Oh and it doesnt have those kind of capacitors that leak. Any other ideas. The server just works so great I cant believe that theres something wrong with the system. thanks
  7. I tried to relax timings, adjusted clock speeds, adjusted voltages, still no luck. I see the memtest screen for a split second then reboot. The system has been trouble free up until now.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have already bumped up voltage from 2.0 to 2.1. Speed is at 200. If I go to 266 wouldnt that be a overclock situation. Thanks again.
  9. I have had this server up and running for 3 years. I had a problem the other day system kept crashing. I replaced memory and all ok. I have never gotten memtest86 to run on this server. I have tried all versions of memtest and just reboots whenever I choose memtest. I have read one other post about this but there was not solution. It never bothered me that memtest wouldnt run until I had this problem. Any information on how to make memtest run would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the reply. If you look in syslog it says beware of rocketraid cards. These cards corrupt data no matter how they're set up, whats the thought on this.
  11. Any feedback would be appreciated. I have read forums and wiki for many hours. I bought a highpoint 2300 card. I have read it works and some say it doesnt work. I installed yesterday and plugged in two WD raptors. I tested all day, transferred files to and from both drives. I transferred from inside unraid box and out to other computers. I played blueray ISO's from both drives without a hitch. After testing all day I started a parity check before bed. I woke up to parity check done and no errors. My question is Should I trust this card. Is the card supported in the new kernal. Im running 4.5.1. Ive been up for about a month with my unraid box and couldnt be happier. my setup. norco 4220, abit ab9 quad gt latest bios, e4500, 2gb crucial ballistics, corsair 750 single rail, 1 parity, 9 data. syslog.zip