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  1. Replaced my 4T with an 8. How do I add the 4, to my array? Plug it in...pre-clear, boom? Because it's Parity...didn't want to muck anything up. Thanks,
  2. So far, so good (you know...for like 2 days now, lol). I did notice, it was running hotter...than my 3Ts. To be expected?
  3. OK...someone tell me, what's wrong with this drive TOSHIBA N300 HDWG180XZSTA? I mean, something must be "wrong" with it; it's ~$200. 🙄
  4. The IronWolf ST8000VN004 is ~$205. The WD Red Plus, is around the same price. That's CMR, right? What about the HGST Ultrastar He8 HUH728080AL4200? I assume the He is Helium, and this is CRM? Buck Fitty P.S. WTH is PMR?? 🤔
  5. I thought above 4 or 6, you were OK? Guess that's just WD drives; and I'm still not even sure about that 🙄 When you say "shucking" mean pulling the drives, out of MyBook enclosures? Maybe I'm not following; aren't those external units, wayyy more expensive?? P.S. A quick search...and it looks like IronWolf/Pro and Barracuda Pro (in SG), are CMR at 8T
  6. Yeah; after looking around...I'm not sure there's a case, that really meets my needs. I think I might keep my case...and re-locate it; somewhere more temperature controlled. I've taken the top off...plan to move my drives (8) to the 1-4, and 9-12 positions; to give them some breathing room. I've also, thought about replacing the 80mm back-plane fans. I've shopped around; and noise isn't really a consideration for me. I was looking, at maybe Noctua NF-A8; but the airflow spec is 55.5 m³/h. Not sure, how that CFM. can I determine, the CFM of my existing case fans? I certainly don't want to replace them, with something that moves less air.
  7. last build, which was a good, many years ago; was back when "bigger was better". The 12-bay (in 2U chassis), (equivalent of the) Norco DS-12D. I only ever filled, 8 of the drives (parity + 7); for a 21T array. My 3s, are all near full...and; that build, is too big and noisy. Because of the size and's in an "unfriendly" place; and is getting too hot, this time of year. I now want to go 6 or 8s; and therefore...can't imagine, needing more than 6 drives. So...I'm looking for something, a little more compact (and, hopefully, quieter); so I can put it in a spare bedroom or something...and keep the drives reasonable cool, in these hot, Summer months. Have my eye, on the SilverStone DS-380. Doesn't look like, I'd be re-use ANY of my parts; is what it is. Having to go, mini-DTX/ITX...and SFX PSU, seems restrictive; but it looks like the best choice...for 6 hot-swaps, and a reasonable form-factor. Thoughts??
  8. Time to start upgrading. I see which 3; which Which 6T is bang for the buck, and not SMR? I'm partial, to WD Reds; 60EFAX, is a roll of the dice...FFBX is OK?
  9. Ha. I'm not being "critical"; because were the only one, to hang in there with me. But...that information; could have helped me, a lot Pretty "weird". That blurb clearly says "no longer for Windows"! And don't use that...use this. 🙄 So...first I tried formatting, with the HP sp27213 tool that was mentioned. That kept saying the drive was write-protected; even though it wasn't. Then I did a "regular" format; copied over my files. Ran the make-bootable batch. I was able to get my HP to boot, to new drive. Then I took it to my unR box. Kept getting this "error 5", when I tried to re-register. Had to Google this... Obviously...this is great advice Dissones "just to manage your expectations a little.... unRaid is not the easiest thing to troubleshoot because it runs on so many different hardware configurations (which is also its beauty). Start hanging around the forum and reading about other peoples' troubles, within a few months your ability to troubleshoot will grow exponentially." But, admittedly; I'm a casual user (duh, right). I don't have that kinda time; and does mean, that when I run into a problem I can't solve. Rather than be up on my trouble-shooting; I come running to the forum, and cry and And, it's at times like those; that I sometimes wonder...if I shouldn't have just dropped the big-bucks, and gotten a damn Synology. But, in the end; I love unR...and the community. Marked [SOLVED] (honestly; not all at once, or anything. But I've been trying to successfully update that Flash...for like 3 f*cking years!). Thanks again. Now...I'm going to see; if with my new-found space...I can update to 6.8.3, right from the console. know; stay tuned, for the next thread 🤪
  10. DONE! What a special slice of heaven 😵 It's late. I'll put a bow on this b*tch tomorrow.