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  1. Replaced my 4T with an 8. How do I add the 4, to my array? Plug it in...pre-clear, boom? Because it's Parity...didn't want to muck anything up. Thanks,
  2. So far, so good (you know...for like 2 days now, lol). I did notice, it was running hotter...than my 3Ts. To be expected?
  3. OK...someone tell me, what's wrong with this drive TOSHIBA N300 HDWG180XZSTA? I mean, something must be "wrong" with it; it's ~$200. 🙄
  4. The IronWolf ST8000VN004 is ~$205. The WD Red Plus, is around the same price. That's CMR, right? What about the HGST Ultrastar He8 HUH728080AL4200? I assume the He is Helium, and this is CRM? Buck Fitty P.S. WTH is PMR?? 🤔
  5. I thought above 4 or 6, you were OK? Guess that's just WD drives; and I'm still not even sure about that 🙄 When you say "shucking" mean pulling the drives, out of MyBook enclosures? Maybe I'm not following; aren't those external units, wayyy more expensive?? P.S. A quick search...and it looks like IronWolf/Pro and Barracuda Pro (in SG), are CMR at 8T
  6. Yeah; after looking around...I'm not sure there's a case, that really meets my needs. I think I might keep my case...and re-locate it; somewhere more temperature controlled. I've taken the top off...plan to move my drives (8) to the 1-4, and 9-12 positions; to give them some breathing room. I've also, thought about replacing the 80mm back-plane fans. I've shopped around; and noise isn't really a consideration for me. I was looking, at maybe Noctua NF-A8; but the airflow spec is 55.5 m³/h. Not sure, how that CFM. Also..
  7. last build, which was a good, many years ago; was back when "bigger was better". The 12-bay (in 2U chassis), (equivalent of the) Norco DS-12D. I only ever filled, 8 of the drives (parity + 7); for a 21T array. My 3s, are all near full...and; that build, is too big and noisy. Because of the size and's in an "unfriendly" place; and is getting too hot, this time of year. I now want to go 6 or 8s; and therefore...can't imagine, needing more than 6 drives. So...I'm looking for something, a little more compact (and, hopefully, quieter); so I can
  8. Time to start upgrading. I see which 3; which Which 6T is bang for the buck, and not SMR? I'm partial, to WD Reds; 60EFAX, is a roll of the dice...FFBX is OK?
  9. Ha. I'm not being "critical"; because were the only one, to hang in there with me. But...that information; could have helped me, a lot Pretty "weird". That blurb clearly says "no longer for Windows"! And don't use that...use this. 🙄 So...first I tried formatting, with the HP sp27213 tool that was mentioned. That kept saying the drive was write-protected; even though it wasn't. Then I did a "regular" format; copied over my files. Ran the make-bootable batch. I was able to get my HP to boot, to new drive. Then I took it to my unR box.
  10. DONE! What a special slice of heaven 😵 It's late. I'll put a bow on this b*tch tomorrow.