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  1. Hi, I have used Unraid since the v5.x days, before the re-branding of the main site. Recently moved up to 6.6.6 with a different build, I'm curious if there were plans to update/re-create some variety of a HCL for recommended setups? The last one I could find obviously is more than a bit deprecated regarding motherboards/controllers/everything else. I know that most of the choices are probably more cut and dry these days, as outlier chipsets that might have had issues in the past, are likely not being used for most setups now, (VIA, NForce, SiS, or the Gigabyte HPA issues of old) but I thought it might be helpful for folks that are interested in making a build for storage, and/or more, as I was, once upon a time.
  2. I have most of what I'll need for making a smaller-factor build. NAS file serving is generally all I'm looking for, for the most part. Ryzen builds - 1 or 2 memory modules? I'd love to wait for prices to come down, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon. DDR4 2400 generally be fine? I'll be using an Asus B450 Matx board, with a 2200G.
  3. Just replacing the name, not the tech so much.... I haven't had good luck with greens. Nor Seagates past the 7200.10 line.
  4. Even if these don't show as such in the bios, are these effectively Hitachi drives? (or at least manufactured with Hitachi parts)
  5. Here in IL, it's around another $10 for tax picking one up instore, which I did tonight. Preclearing now.
  6. Getting an N54L at some point this week, then it's just a matter of supplying the drives. I was thinking of either Reds or Seagates, though I suppose I could go half of each too...Does that seem to be a decent choice?
  7. Haven't used one since 7200.11's came on the market.
  8. It's exactly what I don't like about Newegg....They are extremely inconsistent with regards to hard drive packaging. With regards to differences of warehouses' policies about packaging and shipping, it seems that not all of them are on the same page with regards to what is considered normal with shipping obviously fragile items...And the fact UPS enjoys kicking packages like a soccer ball doesn't help....
  9. Not certain how it compares to competing drives, it's probably a sandforce controller I'm imagining. Falling relatively in line with prices as of recent, no rebates.. Only valid July 9th.
  10. Not to down on this, I might wait til the next Seagate revisions before pulling the trigger again....Issues with some of their previous drives, and firmware debacles have not impressed me particularly.
  11. The ripple effect that the flooding has caused, is likely to create extreme backlogs even after production begins to resume. Prices won't begin to stabilize for close to a year from now, I'd imagine.
  12. Even should they not be fly-by-nighters, having JCB cards as the sole payment option, raises more red flags for me than I'd be comfortable with. "In an effort to keep our prices extremely low, Electronics Emporium exclusively processes JCB cards at preferred merchant rates. While this helps you to pay less money, it also means we are unable to accept other forms of payment." Extremely suspect. The fact that the domain was created August 25, 2011, is another strike against it... The fact that it's downright painful to navigate to anything on that site, is not suspect in and of itself...But is a huge strike against it from a usability standpoint. I'd steer clear, folks.
  13. Agreed, the site had been down multiple points that I had attempted to take a look at it.. Attempting to find anything on that site, putting it as mildly as possible, well... HURTS.
  14. It is possible to install and set up a Debian install onto these. Uncertain how streaming might be affected, but it should be a lot more flexible than the standard stock firmware.
  15. Uncertain. It had used to be in the past, however, that the drives in these enclosures only had 1 year of warranty anyway. Also uncertain if this is still the case or not.