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  1. Thanks for the help guys. Sorry I thought this thread was dead and didn’t update it. I got the system running by upgrading to 6.7 but then had stability issues due to Ryzen. I updated the bios and then the damn thing wouldn’t post. I got fed up and returned the cpu/mobo and went Intel. New hardware arrives today and then I’ll hopefully be good to go. Mods can lock this thread if they like.
  2. 1000 series. I can’t even get this thing running at this point. I’m just going to RMA it and grab an i3-8100. Shame on me for not doing more research before pulling the trigger on Ryzen. I had hopes of trying out some of the fixes to get it stable but I’m dead in the water at this point.
  3. Updated the bios and now it won’t even post. I should have just gone with intel.
  4. Thanks! I read through most of that and will try to update my bios and also change the power supply idle control in the bios to see how that goes. Hopefully I’m one of the lucky ones that can achieve some stability after that.
  5. I just upgraded my server to 6.7 along with a new mobo, cpu, and memory. Things seem to run fine but I've experienced several lockups where the server becomes completely unresponsive. The web GUI will stop loading and the console is unresponsive. I have no choice but to force a shutdown and reboot. How can I determine what's causing this? tower-diagnostics-20190516-1341.zip
  6. My motherboard went bad on a 6 year old build so I just upgraded the mobo, memory, and cpu. It booted right up and I can get to the tower login but the web GUI isn’t working. I tried going to http://tower and the IP address for tower on my network map. Neither work. I’m on version 5.2.7. Any ideas how I can get this working again? Is it a hardware issue? I plan on upgrading to V6 once I can access the array and identify the drives. Ryzen 1200 ASRock A320M-HDV 8 GB Memory
  7. I’ll need to stick with micro-ATX form factor I currently have 5 SATA drives and eventually will need a couple more Are we talking CPU fan? Not sure how big I could go honestly but nothing crazy would fit in the case. I figure it’s a good opportunity to upgrade the CPU Trying to keep it as cheap as possible but haven’t set a specific budget
  8. So I haven’t touched this build since it was up and running. I used it solely for streaming MKVs to my home theater and it worked flawlessly until last week. I believe the mobo (ASRock 880GM-LE) is dead as it powers up but won’t post. My hope was that I could swap in a modern mobo/cpu/ram and be back up and running. Not sure if I’ll have issues running unRaid as is or will need to do some upgrades there. Can anyone recommend parts for this? All the builds I’ve found so far on the forum seem like overkill for my needs. I just want a basic build that can stream lossless Blu-ray. Thanks in advance!
  9. I tried several reboots without any success. Then it randomly found the share again and started backing up. It completed successfully for now. We'll see if I continue to have connection issues.
  10. My Mac is having trouble finding the share I created following the settings listed above. It appeared at one point and started making a backup. I let it run overnight and now it can't find the share and never finished the backup. Any ideas on what could be wrong?