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  1. I know this is necroposting, and might not get noticed, but -shrug- I don't think I've ever actually looked at the development roadmap stuff before, so today was my first time seeing this! Anyways... I have a slightly odd config for my cache drive that does exactly what is being requested here. While this was originally only intended to add a swap partition on a machine with only 512MiB, I figured it would be useful to have some non-array, non-flash storage too, even if it were just so I could keep the write-count down on the usb stick... I've been running with the same essenti
  2. hi, ok, sooo..... just in case anyone has read my last post..... erm obviously I don't use the webgui very much... turns out that just issuing killall -g cache_dirs can end up b0rking emhttp... :-/ Apart from that, it seems to work perfectly! :'( I only came across this today because I was trying to add scripts to make cache_dirs go up and down with the array rather than from the go and stop scripts... and somewhere in my experimenting I pressed the 'stop array' button and the moment I did, I ran slap bang into a completely unresponsive webgui.... when the array is stop
  3. Hi all, OK, so this is my first post in the forums, so please be gentle! 1st up, many thanks to Joe for the cache_dirs script; most definitely a Good Thing to have on an unraid system :-) So, I've been running unraid v5 since about 5b5 (I think), and have been on the stable 5.0 release since not long after it came out. *was* running a combination of 2TB and 3TB SATA array drives for a total of 17TB, with a non-array 300GB IDE disk providing me a swap partition (not strictly necessary with 4TB, I know, but I've been using Linux since 1996, and old habbits die hard!) and somewher