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  1. So I'm a casual unraid user for about 8yrs now. Current server is 50TB. No cache drive, 6xST8000DM004, 1 of which is the single parity, 2xWDC_WD40EZRZ, and a single 2TB Hitachi "deathstar" Deskstar (that will be replaced with another ST8000DM004 soon), running on an old recycled GA-MA790XT-UD4P board with a Phenom II X3 710 and 4GB DDR2. It runs great as a home media server and semi-dependable backup of non-critical stuff. Anyway, I say casual because I don't download directly to the server, my hoarded digital post-apocalyptic archive is very manicured and curated for personal use, so I d
  2. Well it's a (Halloween?) miracle, and I have no idea why, but I got it to work. So I switched SATA cables with the parity drive on a whim, just to rule out bad cable/controller. Then I reconnected the physical disk1 and booted server. Of course, array had forgotten disk and now sees it as replacement. In maint. mode under unassigned devices, there is now a mount button and share toggle (maybe these only show for 'replacement' drives?). I totally expected to slam into a brick wall of failure, but being a glutton for punishment, I clicked mount. It ...mounts? Then I toggle share. Open explorer a
  3. So what are the best options for recovering the data? I have almost no experience with linux if that's required. Are there any windows apps that are capable of repairing/accessing it? There is irreplaceable stuff on there like family photo archives and whatnot. And of course, I was planning to add in another drive and start migrating each drive to xfs, but looks like I didn't start soon enough.
  4. Yes, I did it through the webUI from the disk1 settings page. Should I maybe do it manually with the terminal html window, or even PuTTY? It is currently running in maintenance mode as in the image. The rest of the array though, when mounted, IS accessible and all shares appear properly except for disk1 shares/disk share are absent. Doesn't it usually say "Emulated" next to the warning/disk on the main tab?
  5. I tried but it returns reiserfsck 3.6.27 Will read-only check consistency of the filesystem on /dev/md1 Will put log info to 'stdout' Failed to open the device '/dev/md1': Unknown code er3k 127 and if it's being emulated, it's still not appearing in explorer.
  6. Checked bios, it's still configured properly. I'm glad because I know undoing that specific 'corruption' is a pain. One thing I'm noticing is that with the physical disk unplugged, the webUI still has 'Unmountable disk present: Disk 1 • ()' under array operation with the checkbox and option to format. Is that normal?
  7. Another thought I just remembered while reading other related posts, my motherboard DOES have that copy-bios-to-disk backup feature, but I carefully made sure to disable that when I migrated everything to this new setup and haven't had a prob, but it's a headless box and I'm wondering if I should grab a monitor/keyboard and boot to bios to make sure the setting didn't 'reset' when the power originally went out. Would that setting suddenly being enabled on board cause this kind of behavior from the drive if the board modified it out of the array with its bios backup? Just a thought.
  8. oops forgot diag
  9. Unplugged physical drive, started normal mode, no emulation. Stopped and started maint. mode, still no emulation, same error on filesystem check from webUI.
  10. So I'm not sure if it was caused by a power outage (we had one a few days before I noticed any problems), but suddenly disk1 wouldn't let me write to it. I checked the webUI and saw that disk1 was being emulated (should've gotten the data off it and replaced with a spare while it was 'accessible' but I didn't). After poking around other forum suggestions and trying the filesystem check from the webUI in maintenance mode (which returned "Failed to open the device '/dev/md1': Unknown code er3k 127"), I rebooted the server (the old off/on again trope) the disk now shows "unmountable - no file sys
  11. Just wanted to update, I went on a quest. I dug up a cool program called Trid for identifying and renaming (adding a coherent extension) all the loose files. Copy-pasta'd some automated script commands and am happy to report that it is chugging along nicely at least identifying mp3s. And it seems that the id3 tags are preserved so, thanks to a super customized version of Mediamonkey and an archive index to check against, I'll be able to reorganize them properly with a few scripts. Thanks a lot again, this was almost worth the learning experience.
  12. Well the drive is accessible now, although EVERYTHING on it was relegated to the lost+found folder. Some of it is recoverable, but most of this drive was a big chunk of my music collection, and it's been almost completely thrashed. Also, I'm seeing 3 undeletable files that are impossible... 1 file showing a size of 300 petabytes, and 2 showing 900 petabytes, which alone is 1 million times the size of the drive, lol. Should I run a parity check with it like that? Or should I salvage the stuff I can and reset/preclear/reassign this drive as new? Maybe Tom has unlocked the ultimate file compressi
  13. It's like I don't have permission to the disk at all, none of the user shares appear on disk2 ONLY the lost+found, which I can't access. The rest of the server is fully functional at disk level, but each top level share folder is still missing the files that are specifically on disk2. So do I run newperms /mnt/disk2 via telnet on disk2, or do I run the script on the whole array through the webui button?
  14. Well I just got up to get ready for work and it finished. Stopped/started server and it mounts proper now. However, when I browse to \\TOWER\disk2 the only directory is lost+found, and I get a permissions error trying to open it. I has a size of 0 (probably due to the permission error), even though the webui shows disk2 as 90% full . Should I reboot? Fix permissions? I did notice a lot of what looked like permission corrections/adjustments during the --rebuild-tree process.
  15. Running now, about 10-12 hours to go I'm guessing. I work 11p-11a tonight, so it'll be tmrw afternoon before I check back. Thanks again, guys.