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  1. Yes but not easily, but my issue is I dont have a amd card to test it on
  2. what docker image are you using? as models config should be here /home/invokeuser/userfiles/configs/models.yaml not where it is looking for it in /root/invokeai/configs/models.yaml with my docker image in first post
  3. there was a issue where the needed models were not downloaded, to force a download, delete the file appdata/invokeai/venv/pyvenv.cfg only in unraid and rerun the docker, this will force the download of missing models.
  4. fix for UI not loading I forced the docker to use the dev WebUI. if you are using the Dockerhub file: click the invokeai container and click update once updated right click the container and go edit change this line to the following next find webui port and click edit and change it to the following to access the webui now you have to use yourunraidip:5173. if you used the manual install: I have updated the files in main post you will need to rebuild your image and container with them. once built change the ports as the same as above also if you get startup aborted: there was a issue where the needed models were not downloaded, to force a download, delete the file /invokeai/venv/pyvenv.cfg and rerun the docker, this will force the download of missing models.
  5. https://invoke-ai.github.io/InvokeAI/features/PROMPTS/#how-dynamic-prompts-work That might help If you have discord you should join the invokeai server https://discord.gg/ZmtBAhwWhy Also if it using the gpu you should see it on start in your docker logs
  6. If you on the manual setup Should only have to delete and rebuild the container with the new files, if your on the docker hub images remove container delete image, then add docker back but change the repo to mickr777/invokeai_unraid_main and start it should migrate everything for you 🤞(minus your outputs folder it need to be backup, as it will not show in new version)
  7. found the issue (I think) grab the updated start.sh file info from main post and delete container (but remove delete image tick box) recreate the container, as the main post or used the Simplified Install for main, as I pushed an update to it (use either way but make sure to delete the appdata/invokeai/venv/pyvenv.cfg and if you have it appdata/invokeai/userfiles/invokeai.init files)
  8. looks like they changed the way the invokeai-configure script works I will have to do some testing
  9. there shouldn't be any config folder in the invokeai folder but you can add the folder and models.yaml there and see if that helps
  10. models.yaml can you do a test for me copy the attached models.yaml into your appdata/invokeai/userfiles/configs/ folder and see if the same error happens
  11. added the Main docker for anyone wanting to migrate from prenodes to v3.0 beta, (this docker will be the default one for updates, i did it this way to not force everyone on prenodes to do the update) if you wish to do this migration, go to main post for instructions DO NOT do this if you dont want to do the migration to v3.0 beta yet
  12. just a warning to others, going to 6.12.1 half of my dockers disappeared and had to be reinstalled, now I had to reinstalled all my dockers as they all disappeared after this update to 6.12.2, lucky the appdata and xml are all there.
  13. Ok thats why, Yes all the legacy web server has been removed from main branch on get hub, however the nodes web server isnt fully ready for public use (still lots of changes happening), currently the front end needs to be yarn bulit on each start, runs on port 5173, the backend needs to be run separately and the whole user configuration file has changed. So You need to git clone -b prenodes, if you still want a working install, (or use the main dockerhub image in first post) I have docker image that loads nodes ui, but this will all change before the public release of invokeai v3.0 I can post when im back in the office what i had to do to get nodes ui to currently work if you wanted to see
  14. Something has got messed up somewhere, you might need to delete all files but the userfiles folder, make sure your using the main image option in the first post and the my-invokeai.xml file is this updated on your flash drive from the first post and let it rebuild. This image is locked to the prenodes version of main, once node migtaion has been finalised and working, i will release an update. To that image
  15. What image are you on the main or v2.3, also what errors are showing for you? Currently while the migration to nodes i locked the main image to the prenodes tag, so it shouldnt be getting any updates at the moment till the migration has finished, so anything they do should not effect it. V2.3 did get some updates for xformers, you may need to delete the file /invokeai/venv/pyvenv.cfg and rerun the docker to fix the issue. As for the current main branch on git hub I have a working image for it but lots still dont work, the ui needs to be used in dev mode and things change so much with every update, I didnt think anyone on main wants that yet.