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  1. Thanks Johnnie. I think since I have a replacement disk handy I'll just go ahead and swap it out now.
  2. Great tip. Thanks Johnnie. Alright I canceled the paused parity check and rebooted. There's still a red X by Disk 1 indicating the drive is disabled and contents emulated, however now I can see SMART info for the disk with no errors highlighted and Main says configuration is valid. I didn't power down and check the physical connection to the drive also because I'm doing this remotely and I'm not sure what to expect now if I start the array from here. Is the red X going to go away or is it going to show the array as unprotected and prompt me about replacing the missing disk as soon as possible? Because with the red X still there I wasn't expecting to see configuration valid and green balls everywhere else? Anyway, new diagnostics attached and thanks again for your help. home-diagnostics-20191214-1335.zip
  3. Hello. I was half way into a parity check on my HOME server (specs in sig below) when Disk 1 went into an error state and was disabled. Since I can't see any SMART info with the drive disabled I don't know if there's just a problem with the disk itself or if it maybe the SATA or power cable just came loose. In any case, I do have a replacement disk of the same size handy if I need it and I'm wondering what the best course of action is now? I assume it's: 1) cancel the parity check (now paused) 2) power down and check Disk 1 connections 3) power back and up and see if Disk 1 is still disabled/missing or showing SMART errors 4) If no, start the array and a new parity check 5) if yes, power down and install replacement Disk 1, start the array and a new parity check / data rebuild Yes? Anything I'm missing? Diagnostics attached. Thanks. home-diagnostics-20191213-1923.zip
  4. Nevermind. I realized I didn't disable the old parity drive before swapping it out. Once I re-installed it to do that, no problem assigning the new 12tb in its place. Parity-sync/Data-rebuild running now.
  5. Hello. I'm trying to upgrade the parity drive in my HOME server (per my sig below) to a new WD120EMAZ shucked from a WD Easystore 12tb. From what I'd read here, I thought going in I might need to do the kapton tape hack to get the drive to show up but it replacing the old parity drive with it, it showed up in BIOS right away and in Unraid as well. Problem is, as soon as I select it on the Main tab as the replacement for the missing parity drive the new drive suddenly disappears and just says "no device". I can still see it under Tools / System Devices but not on the Main tab where I need it. As soon as it did this the first time I pulled the Diagnostics attached. Then I rebooted and it did exactly the same thing again: new drive is once again available as a replacement on the Main tab until you select it and then poof it vanishes again. Any suggestions? Thanks. home-diagnostics-20191204-2228.zip
  6. Really glad you suggested this. I was all set to ship the board back to Asus today but pulling it from the case and testing with a different PSU it booted just fine. Then pulling the old PSU to get the s/n and start the RMA for that instead I made an even better discovery: turns out one of the SATA cables I pulled from the unit was actually the modular cable to the CPU. The way the PSU is oriented in the case and with other cables in the way I just didn't see that I had pulled the wrong one. So no wonder I couldn't get it to boot at home. Anyway, very relieved to learn there's no hardware failure after all and I'm just an idiot. It does still leave the mystery of why it got hung up on reboot in the first place but having it down for now gives me a chance to update the LSI controller firmware, review BIOS settings, and clean out all the dust bunnies, etc. now that I have to rebuild it anyway. So I'll just cross my fingers that once I boot with the full array and rebuild parity after that there won't be any repeat. If there are I'll revive the thread, otherwise thanks again to everyone who offered feedback.
  7. Alright, got out the server and connected monitor and keyboard but could not get a terminal to come up because the monitor didn't register there was any input plugged in no matter what keys I pressed. So I could not pull diagnostics and was forced to hard power down. Brought the server back home and tried booting from here with all hard drives disconnected at the PSU just to be safe. First thing I noticed was the power light came on as soon as I plugged in and flipped the switch at the PSU (without hitting the power button) but no fans came on except for CPU fan for only a split second before it quit, and repeatedly hitting delete to enter BIOS nothing happened. Again the monitor (a different one) doesn't register any input connected. So I try swapping the graphics card and clearing CTC RAM (first by itself then pulling the CMOS battery also)... still nothing . Attaching a motherboard speaker gives me no error beeps at boot and the light on the ethernet port is blinking like it's trying to connect to the network but accessing the router management page and running an IP scanner from my desktop shows no server on the network. So whatever it's doing while it's "on", I've got no graphics, no network connection, no fans, and no error indicators. So I"m RMA'ing the motherboard and I guess we can consider this solved. If there's still weirdness with the replacement board I'll post a new topic. Thanks all.
  8. Just to update, overnight my niece reported that the power light is on and remoting in to the control computer this morning I was surprised to see the main page of the UI up but with all the array details and such blank. As you can see per the screenshot attached, it must have gotten hung up on shutdown because it's still got the notification on top about reboot required to install the update and server uptime shows 9 days+. I'm guessing the UI reappearing was somehow triggered by an appdata backup scheduled every night to an unassigned drive that stops and restarts the dockers. Whatever it was though, the effect of resuming a network connection at least long enough to bring up the UI didn't last because trying to SSH in still didn't work and running the IP scanner didn't show the server on the network either, while navigating to the Tools tab of the UI (hoping to bring up diagnostics) returned the familiar "This site cannot be reached" page which is all I've been able to get since. Also FYI, I normally stop the array before rebooting or powering down but in this case after the update I did not. So maybe it was the stopping the array part where it hung? I don't know the sequencing on shutdown/reboot of when that happens vs. stopping network services and other steps. Anyway I realize all this might not help much without diagnostics and I'm hoping I"ll be able to get out to the server in the next couple days and will be successful getting that via the terminal commands and can post it then. If this update does shed any light in the meantime however please let m know. Thanks. JBOX_Main 5-10-18.pdf
  9. I have tried SSH via the control computer and it isn't working. "Unable to open connection to JBOX. Host does not exist". Maybe something failed with the update and it shut itself off instead or booted into BIOS or something. Until I can know I was just trying to think ahead and understand if it was in a hung state if there was anything else I'd be able to try to avoid an unclean shutdown. Sounds like the answer is no.
  10. BTW I downloaded an IP scanner and running it from the control computer does not show the server on the local network. So that rules out my theory about the DHCP reservation and being assigned a different IP.
  11. Thanks trurl. The server is run headless and testing with my home server it seems that connecting to a monitor after it's already booted up doesn't bring up the console. (The TV shows the input is plugged in but switching to it there is just a blank screen). So assuming it's the same with the server out there and SSH doesn't work either, would there be any way to avoid hard powering down? I always hate to do that though of course with the monitor then connected at boot I wouldn't have any problem accessing the console and diagnostics from there.
  12. Well I can't post diagnostics if I can't access the UI, right? And if I was at the server's location right now I wouldn't be able to do that from there either. The only thing I'd know that I can't know from here is whether the power light is on and assuming that it is, then what? The server is hosted by my niece 100 miles from me btw because she is the one with fiber internet. She'll be back home tonight and will tell me then if the light is on. I'm just trying to figure out in the meantime if there's anything else I can do. I can't be first person to run into this scenario of power is on but UI won't come up and SSH doesn't work either so I didn't think it was too much to ask that someone could offer some guidance on that without needing a log to do so.
  13. Hi there. I tried updating my remote Plex server (JBOX in my sig) from 6.5.0 to 6.5.1 but rebooting to complete it the UI won't come back up again and I can't SSH in via putty either. Array auto-start is disabled and for the moment no one is home to check if it actually rebooted (ie. power light on) though I can't imagine it wouldn't have. So for now the only theory I have is maybe the DHCP reservations on the router got changed and the server was assigned a different IP address than I have bookmarked? Or would unRAID still assign the last IP from the Network Settings even if the reservation on the router had been deleted? Any other suggestions on what I can do to try to regain control? I have a Win 10 computestick there that I use as a control via Chrome remote desktop and the only thing I can't access through that is the router control page because the password got changed a while ago (there have been several reboots since then so if the DHCP reservations did get changed it would have nothing to do with that). Thanks for any help.