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  1. Never seen 6TB disks this low! (limit 5) http://www.neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9B-22-236-797 and $244 if you prefer the Seagate 6TB http://www.neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9B-22-178-520
  2. I got the Tyan S5510GM3NR after John recommended it for an ESXi unRAID server. I've been running it 24/7 for the past eight months. Everything is smooth and sweet. All the nics are easy for a virtual newbie like me to set up. No start up or shutdown issues either. Right now I'm running an unRAID VM, a Win7 VM, a WHS VM, and an OpenVPN appliance using the M1015+expander. It's a beautiful board.
  3. NewEgg has the 240GB Agility3 SSD for $269.99. There is a $20 mail-in rebate and they give you a $30 gift card after purchase. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227727
  4. The Petrol is cheaper because it uses async NAND. It's still faster than your old HDD, but you might wanna look for a synchronous SSD: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2011/08/07/nand_flash_faces_off_synchronous_vs_asynchronous/
  5. I just got one of these as I was running out of ports. It's working great so far, but I miss the dual lights of my old Netgear that showed me which device was connected at 1000BT. The Zyxel does run at 65F while the Netgear was 95F. LOL
  6. I was running one MV8 on 5beta11 beautifully. Later I moved the MV8 to another box and migrated the array on to my new virtual ESXi (passing thru M1015 with expander thx to John's tutor). Kept unRAID at beta11, and it works great. I hope the LSI issues are resolved for beta15+.
  7. This reminds me that I better sell my Asus Atom-Ion board before the coffin gets nailed shut.
  8. Do they have cheap hardware now that allows passing HD audio over HDMI? That was one of the reasons I left HTPCs for PCHs and PBOs.
  9. desktop RAM with 1337 heatsinks. These aren't your grandma's Ripjaws...These are RipjawsX http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231428
  10. Did you read the Tech details? Seagate 2 TB Speed:5900 rpm Seek time: 5.1 ms avg micro-hard-drives 80GB 2.5" SATA Drive WD800BEVT
  11. I'm also cobbling together an ESXi build after scoring awesome BF deals. I tried ESXi on a little HP microserver and found it fun to get VMs running. But with no pass-through ability, time for an upgrade!
  12. Use promo code MIMKB2BACYB25 at checkout for -$50 off when you spend $250 or more. http://www.neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115070 I'm not sure what it takes to get a business acct. But this cpu is too rich for my blood any way.:-p
  13. I don't see the 2500k you mentioned. Just the 2400 at $150......still a good price on the 2400.($40 off Newegg) http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0354590
  14. I just had a bracket from another card that I used. I'd be interested too in another way to mount it. I just got my Ebay M1015 and expander in. Followed the easy RAID-->IT flash instructions. I tried doing it on an Asus motherboard (didn't work), but my old Gigabyte board worked fine. Hooked them up to my low-power ASUS AT3IONT-I system and ran parity on about 16 drives using 1 fast connection from the M1015 to the parity, cache, etc. and the other 12 using the expander via the other M1015 port. (still gotta buy one more SAS cable for the expander as I needed 7 total for 24 ports)
  15. Buy a $40 NewEgg credit for $20 special from Google Offers (limited avail) https://www.google.com/offers/ Nov 28, 2011 - Feb 26, 2012 Terms Limit 1 per person and 1 per order. Offer is $20 for $40 to spend on products at Newegg.com ($20 customer paid value and $20 promotional value). Offer must be redeemed in one transaction. If you redeem less than $20 in one transaction, Newegg.com will refund you the difference between $20 and the amount you redeem. If you do not redeem any portion of the offer by February 26, 2012, then the promotional value of offer will expire and Newegg.com
  16. Black Friday SSD special (limit 5): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227726
  17. yes, i'd love to get this for a 4224 das, but i'd come up short 4 drives there's also a nice bargain at http://www.provantage.com/intel-res2sv240~7ITSP0V8.htm This must be used in conjuction with a host card like the m1015. You'll get 24 ports. 20 with this and 4 with the m1015. Provantage is good too, even with shipping added.
  18. Refurbed computers like this company sells are probably old corporate leases. Meaning they will be very used. My guess is the the hard drives will have a lot of wear and/or tear. If you only need one disk, get it brand-new from Officedepot for $69 (limit 1): http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/875542/Seagate-Barracuda-720012-ST31000524AS-1-TB/?cm_mmc=Mercent-_-Google-_-Data_Storage_and_Media-_-875542-%7Bcopy:IQ_PE%7D&mr:trackingCode=39AD0BA0-5900-E111-BAE2-0019B9C043EB&mr:referralID=NA
  19. Exactly what John said. I read his and fade23's posts about this card and I debated about whether to get 3 M1015's + cables (69x3+9.49x6+5shipping= $269) or 1 M1015 and this card (69+202=$271). Then I debated about whether to use the M1015 + RES2SV240 as 16 fast SATA ports or 4 fast+20 slow. Since I'm using all green drives on the unRAID side, I'm taking fade23's point in thinking the rotational speed of the drives is the real limiting factor. If I hate the speed, I can get another M1015 to have 24 fast disks on 2 PCIe slots (albeit more expensive than just returning it and g
  20. Buy.com just lowered this card $10 more. Since it's a retail box, it should also come with 6 cables, but I couldn't find that in the description. Buy.com's 45-day return policy is nice if there's trouble. http://www.buy.com/pr/product.aspx?sku=217284266 I just got this to go with a server-pulled IBM M1015 card http://www.ebay.com/itm/150690592470
  21. Well Stacey was right, the 3TB Hitachis work fine with my Asus Atom board. But there seems to be a problem with the 3TB as parity and 5.0beta12a in my box. I had upgraded to 12a in prep for the new drives and everything worked fine using Asus with old 2TB Seagates and WDs. After clearing the new 3TB disks, I added two of them to the array (1 parity and 1 data). After the parity check completed, I started copying files from an old 2TB to the new 3TB using Midnight Commander. The system froze.(I've never seen that before) After some troubleshooting, I found that everything works n
  22. I wanted to start buying 3TB Hitachis for use in my unRAID server so I asked Asus if my mobo would allow it or if the BIOS would need updating. This is their response: LOL
  23. Want to build an unRAID server, but you have old hardware? NO PROBLEM Don't have SATA, USB, or NIC connectors onboard? Add appropriate PCI cards Can't get your BIOS to boot off USB? Add a floppy drive or CD-ROM Here's proof that unRAID works on virtually any PC (as long as it has PCI slots to make up for what it lacks) This is my 2nd major unRAID build. (my new 1st build) I upgraded my 1st one and this is my leftover/don't-wanna-throw-away/Frankenstein build. Previously, I'd understood that the hardest minimum req. for an older unRAID box was "Boot via USB". Then I saw peo
  24. wsume99's right. If you want a 24-disk machine, a Norco would be best. And if you got the money for it, it'll be fun to build and impress your friends. Let us know when you fill it up.
  25. I'm a fairly huge unRAID fan in my neck of the woods. I love to proselytize about the joys of unRAID and make new converts. This is a recent upgrade to my unRAID build. After building a small HTPC back in '07 and finding it lacking(no HD audio & 1080p's would stutter in Vista MC), I moved to a Popcornhour. But then I got tired of trying to get the PCH to see all my Windows-shared harddrives in my increasingly-hot desktop. So, I took the various parts and built a test unRAID box(and grew to love it). My first build was using the cannibalized HTPC parts: old AMD 5000+ with Gigabyte