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  1. My unraid keeps on saying "Please wait... collecting diagnostic information (this may take several minutes)" ... It has been over 15 minutes now. Does it take so long ?
  2. I did enabled the logging and set cache yes...It says mover is running but i dont see any file in my main data disk/.
  3. I am on Unraid 6.6.6 and I ahve 2.5 TB on my cache drive. I clicked on "Move now" button under "Main" and it is still not moving data into my main data drive. Do i need to do anything else as well ?
  4. I did Main-->Move now but i dont see files getting created in my main data drive.
  5. I recently created new array and performed preclear. after adding the disks I am getting orange triangle on data drive and not sure what's wrong there ? Can someone please help and explain ?
  6. So far i have done preclear only 2 times on Parity and 1 time on Data Disk (Disk 3). Before I add them to array do you suggest to do preclear again 22-3 times ?
  7. Hi Johnie and Turyl, Here are the Stats when i ran preclear on new 8 TB Disk. Still Slow as compare to 1 st preclear result but much better than previous 8 TB Hard Disk. Should I run preclear again on both Disk 1 and Disk 3 together again 2nd time ?
  8. Thank you. Will do so and share the results. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  9. I am confused with that statement. What do you mean ?
  10. Thanks. So are you suggesting to cancel currently running preclear and do the same again but this time only on the disk which is running slow as per preclear ?
  11. Hi Johnie, What do you mean by if preclear stats are correct ? Is there any possibility of same as well ? I attached preclear results so i believe i am reading it right. Please help.
  12. Hi Johnie and Turyl, As you suggested I have done some test and I was wondering if you can share your inputs on same. Below is a brief summary of what i have done so far. Purchased two 8 TB Seagate Hard Drives from Costco At Same time. Both are connected to Proliant N54L with 8 GB RAM exactly in same way via SATA Connector (both connected to Motherboard via same SAS connector) There are no other Hard Disks connected to Proliant machine as of now except these 2. Unraid ver 6.6.6 was installed alongwith Community applications and PreClear Disk (from gf
  13. Interesting...I Started Preclear on both 8 TB Disks that i got from Costco at same time...Currently both are running (in N54L with 8 GB RAM) but i can see huge difference in speed. Preclear is not yet completed but see the current status....