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  1. Thanks - and you're right - this would have worked for me, also, had I not already installed the TGZ package from jonathanm. But I really appreciate it the help.
  2. Does this work for you? Outstanding, sir! Works perfectly, thanks! I really appreciate it. Confirms my guesstimates on Windows versus Linux clients. What a difference in iperf test results when using a Windows 8.1 client versus an Ubuntu 12.04 based client (identical Dell hardware, connected to same Gb switch as my Lenovo unRAID server (although to be fair the TCP windows sizes are different): From Windows 8.1 client to unRAID: C:\iperf>iperf -c -P 1 -i 1 -p 5001 -f k -t 10 -T 1 ------------------------------------------------------------ Client connecting to
  3. I'll second that request. I scoured the Interwebs looking for that package, and even tried to compile my own, but without success. I have no issues doing it on my Ubuntu machine, but I think I would need C++ on my unRAID server and I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Does anyone have a copy of the iPerf 2.05 package for unRAID left over they would care to post? Please?