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  1. It is not budget so much but feeling bad about not using still usable hardware that can run recent software...🤗 My daughter is using my 2007 MacBook for school and Teams video call during lockdown (yes it already had an SSD, from 2011 😅 and I have to say that it was a project in itself to manage to get Windows 10 64 running on it with the 32 bit EFI, and to hunt for an additional GB of RAM, but it works fine albeit running a bit hot but those early Intel MacBook were already prone to it when they came out). My 2006 MacMini, technically not 64bit when it came out, but upgraded to it thanks to the non soldered CPU long time ago, is now my test bed for OpenMediaVault (to be honest, if I had a spare monitor and webcam my daughter would be using that as it is quiet as a whisper running the same Win 10, almost same hardware as the MacBook, much better heatsink and fan). But yes, I can see the writing on the wall for that 32bit Athlon 😢. I was planning to purchase an Intel NIC back when Unraid 5 came out, because my Gigabit DGE-528T was not supported and I would have had to revert to the onboard 100M NIC. for some reasons I never did it and that's why I have still a 4.7 install which I power up time to time. Now I have to decided if I will get a second hand 64 system or a mobo/cpu upgrade. or some new hardware. or even just live without a new unRAID system.
  2. Close, it is an nForce2 but not the Epox, it is an A7N8X Deluxe v2. The memory is Crucial 2 x 512. I use to have a Radeon 9500 in it but gave it away then I ran unRAID headless with no GPU card, except temporarily a quarter of century Old Matrox Mystique for update and debug. To be honest I had forgotten that I bought latter on a more "modern" update&debug card, still fanless which is now in it, a GeForce FX 5200, but I'm glad I did because it has the DVI output that saved me because I now have no monitor/TV with VGA ever since I replaced my old Plasma TV, and with the mobo battery out of juice, it didn't boot without some BIOS setup. It is a bit funny running that PC with the DVI to HDMI (which I knew I had but had to hunt down) on my 4k LG TV, raised a lot of question from the kids, the older just half the age of that setup 😀 "Dad, it is not a computer, it has no screen"
  3. Definitely 32-bit only, it is an Athlon XP from 2003...
  4. Considering my Lexar flash drive has been half punctured by my cat’s teeth way back and is still kicking, I can second that 😄 I have its twin somewhere still in wrap, only 2GB however I think. Anyway good news, the NIC not working was only bad cable, so I am back to Gigabit speed. Now I have to think real hard the way forward.
  5. Well that settles it then. I would need a whole new system to upgrade, most of my components are 15+ yo. Well at least now I know I could reuse the licence if I want. Time for some recycling.
  6. Thanks, my USB drive is a Lexar JD Firefly. Nice to know that a licence transfer is possible. I am not sure what I will do, if I can get the Gigabit Ethernet to work to I might just stick with It for a while or I could try to source an intel NIC I knew was suppose to work in v5 and do some upgrade ,( and maybe 6 supports it better now ?). I could also try to use the onboard NIC as I would mostly stream music to my Sonos. but in both case I am not sure how far my old Athlon 32bit will carry me. To be honest, this feels like using this system is like contemplating a pyramid in computer years ;-) and I am not sure I want to disturb it much, maybe I want to check the data in 10 more years 🙂
  7. Hi all, My last post was back in 2008 and the coronavirus is giving me time to revive my, antic by today’s standard, unRAID system. It is still on version 4.7. I think I remember I tried to upgrade to 5 a long time ago but my Gigabit board (Dlink 528t) was not working so I went back to 4.7. Funny thing, appart from the bios reset because my mobo battery has died (probably a long time ago) everything powered up perfectly except that Dlink card so I have to rely on the slower onboard NIC for now till I can figure it out. I just finished a parity check, no problem, so I am copying all the data from my 4 data drives... on a small USB drive, things have changed ;-). Looking at all that old data brought me some smile, but no forgotten bitcoin unfortunately. 😞 So quick question: since I probably can’t upgrade that system much further, can I take the USB drive a build a new one, i.e. will my old licence work with modern unRaid? I can probably justify forking some USD for a new licence, I mean that system has 13 or 14 years and is still kicking with all its data, but I am just curious.
  8. I guess the real question here is how does md and file systems interact and what does it take to use other file systems.
  9. It's never nice to wait, but don't worry too much, Tom is sometimes busy, but he has very good commercial practices.
  10. I'll check when I go home, but I am not sure I can undervolt (while I'm sure I can overvolt)
  11. My not so power efficient unRAID draws around 70W spin down, 120 up. I have an Athlon 2500+ (68.3W TDP, underclocked it gives me something like 3-5 W less at the minimum 650MHz – from 1.8GHz –, not really worth it). I have a PCI SATA card and a PCI Gigabit card (my mobo doesn't do Gigabit and has only 2 SATA). I run headless (the vga card i use for debug use something like 5-8W) My drives (3 SATA 80GB, 1 PATA 80GB and 1 PATA 120GB) are not that power efficient either since they are rather old by today standard. My power supply is good (Antec) but predate the 80+ effort. I unplugged my 120mm fan as the case is not warm at the moment (save me 5W) I think that if one would build a new box with those WD GP disks, an all integrated MOBO with at least 4 SATA (no vga, run headless, use a cheap pci/agp one when needed), a rather efficient processor and power supply, the system would do much better for a quite reasonable price.
  12. Sata works perfectly (i have the latest 1008 bios modified with newer sil3112 firmware but it always worked before that) Both NIC, but I added a pci Gigabit card for convenience.
  13. Got the same kind of problem, it's probably a case of data corruption, you might no see it, but for instance i run md5 on several file while this was happening to me, and I had random result on the bzroot for instance. Reformating, under OS X and Windows didn't help. what I did to fix it was to run testdisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk and fiddle with the partition table and so on. I finally got it working and it seems to hold fine after that, but I still ordered some new flash as backup.