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  1. The transfer from Disk 3 to Disk 1 has finished but I noticed there are errors on Disk 1. I have tested multiple files and everything looks good and works. Should I be concerned? I clicked on Disk 1 and can't see anything out of the normal.
  2. Thanks for the help! I don't care which drive is assigned to which slot. As long as the data is safe, it doesn't matter to me.
  3. Ok, Thanks. All I have done is skip the steps 10-15 as per @jonathanm instructions. Once I verified the data from Disk 1 copied to Disk 4, I changed the file system of Disk 1 to XFS, formatted it and started copying the data from Disk 3 to Disk 1.
  4. Can I leave it the way it is now and follow 10-15 when the transfer is done?
  5. I thought I was supposed to. The instructions say to put the swap disk in the excluded list. Is this not correct anymore?
  6. I have posted the error, Global Share settings and the Movies Share settings showing that Disk1 is not in the included.
  7. I cleared Disk 1 and started to move the data from Disk 3 to it. I am getting an error that says 'disk1 disk2 disk3 is not defined / installed in the array. This will cause errors when writing to the array. Fix it here: Movies Settings'. When I click 'Movies Settings' I see that the included disks are 2,3,4 ( I set disk 1 to exclude in the global share settings). Should I be concerned about this? My data from Disk1 is now sitting on Disk4 so I am not too worried but I don't want parity to erase anything if it tries to fix anything. Thanks!
  8. LOL! Thanks for the info! I will stop the array and do a format/change file system and rinse and repeat for the next drive!
  9. Great thanks! If I now stop the array, change/format Disk1 (the disk I copied all data from) to XFS, then start the array, will this work? From there I will copy all data from another drive to this drive (Disk 1). I guess what I am wondering is, how will Unraid know where the files are? My shares are setup across all drives. Since I have moved everything from Disk 1 to Disk 4, how does it know where the files are? Is it done through the shares? Some of my folders have data across multiple disks.
  10. Great thanks! I have checked a bunch of files( a lot) and all seems good. Is the verify step recommended? Also, do I have to do anything with parity? After I am done changing all of my drives to XFS, do I just need to run a parity check?
  11. The transfer of files from the Disk1 to Disk4(destination drive) is complete. I mapped to both disks from Windows to compare files and everything seems good! What I am wondering though, on Disk4, it created a folder called Disk1 and put everything in there. Is this normal? Do I need to move the files back to the root? Thanks!
  12. OK. So the transfer of the first drive will complete in a few hours(Wow it takes a long time). You mentioned that I can skip steps 10-18 from the instructions on the other post. In doing so, what are my next steps? After the copy and verify is done, I can format the original drive and use it for the next transfer. Do I have to do anything with parity? I'm assuming I need to reconfigure that at some point?? Thanks for the help!
  13. Is it a problem to still have Plex running so my kids can still have access to their shows and movies?
  14. No. All shares have access to all disks.
  15. Ok sounds good. This makes total sense. I am the only one who writes to the server. The rest of the household uses it viewing media using Plex. I just need to: Add 3TB drive to the array as XFS Run: cp -rpv /mnt/[source]/* /mnt/[dest] format 'source' drive from previous step to XFS Pick another drive and do the same. Also, will I have to make any changes to my shares? Thanks again for all of the help! It is greatly appreciated!