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  1. Just and update. Support came back with a request for the Flash GUID, I sent it to them and within 10 minutes of the second email I had my server operational with my new Flash drive. They answered the first email within 3 hours (I didnt see it for an hour) and the second one in 10 minutes. Yet again a great experience with the Unraid team! It really is a 5* service and exceptionally good value.
  2. If anyone does a replacement key as suggested in this post then one word of caution. It turns out you are only allowed 1 replacement per year. I replaced my faulty flash-drive with a spare Micro SD card and assumed it was temporary until I got my new high speed flash drive in. Well I tried to install to the flash drive but then fell afoul of the 1 replacement per year issue! I've sent a note to support to see if they can allow another replacement.....let's find out!
  3. Thank you all for your help and sorry I didn't get back earlier. A power outage forced me to address the issues of the flash card and I did the update as directed to Version: 6.7.2. I also copied over the config files which seemed to work and, with the exception of some of the configs that were lost in the original issue, all the other stuff like shares were maintained without further input - yeah! Great job, great community!
  4. Thanks everyone, honestly awesome to see community support in action! I was unable to copy over everything for subsequently obvious reasons! I did a chkdsk d: /r and it camb back with bad clusters in 5 config files and bzroot-gui. See screenshot: But checking those files and they were filled with binary garbage. So with some trepidation I stuck the drive back in my machine (at least my license file was sound!) and of course the drive assignment was lost again, as was the server name. I then entered those back in and rebooted to see if it was saving the data and it
  5. Hi Folks, Hope you can help. I recently had to change my power supply on my 10 disk Unraid server. So I thought why not get rid of my empty 5 disk hotswap cage as well. There were no disks in it at all and I figured an extra fan would be better. In any case new power supply in and turn it on and it boots fine, but no shares show up. I then go into the web admin and can see none of my disks have been assigned, all forgotten. Fortunately I assign disks in physical order = device order and boot it up. Again nothing shows, so checking further I see that my share