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  1. OK so i've worked out that this is the correct behaviour for cron as i haven't redirected the output to /dev/null...
  2. unRaid 6.0 - RC4 Has anyone else seen this? I have a small PHP script that i have running every 5 minutes as a cron job. Basically its reading data from a API on my solar inverter and pushing the data to an external website for monitoring. To debug something yesterday I added a couple of lines to ECHO the output from the script to the console... As soon as i did that i started seeing SMTP errors in my unRaid log as if its trying send an email but failing as i didn't have a SMTP server configured. I temporarily configured a SMTP server in the unRaid GUI to see what was happening a
  3. Might have a use for this…. Is it possible to have the boot menu but for it to default to a certain option after a timeout… Would like to be able to do this on my Openelec box…basically present the boot options and if nothing is selected after say 5 seconds default to Openelec… Also is it possible to boot from the network but still access the local drive… Say boot Openelec over the network but still use the local disk for cache and artwork etc…