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  1. I asked in the thread below if there is anything specific that needs to happen. It looks like all you have to do is download the zip, stop the array, copy over the bz* files to /boot and then reboot.
  2. Thanks! I’m assuming I should copy over all bz* files and not just bzroot & bzimage, correct?
  3. Is there a proper way to downgrade from 6.7.2 to 6.6.7? The "Update OS" will only downgrade me to the previous version (6.7.1). I've looked around in the forums and I've read different steps to downgrade without the Update OS tool. The first step is always to download the zip from https://unraid.net/download , but after that this is where I get a little confused. One post say to copy all bz* files to /boot and another says to just copy bzimage & bzroot. Also, 6.7.2 has 10 bz* files (because of the additional bz*.sha256 files). If I downgrade by copying over all the bz* files from 6