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  1. I'm on 5.06. Updated per your instructions (updated plugins/apps and rebooted) and everything is working fine. Couchpotato and Sickbeard (Sickrage) can access the sites that were previously blocked. SSL appears to be fixed. I'm running: Plex Sickrage Couchpotato Transmission Everything working just fine.
  2. We really appreciate the work that you put into these plugins.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Obviously this event is far more important.
  4. Today I got back from vacation to find that BTN has switched their SSL (like many have recently) and now I get errors like this everywhere in Sickrage (a fork of Sickbeard): Connection error [Errno bad handshake] [('SSL routines', 'SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO', 'sslv3 alert handshake failure')] while loading URL Apparently this is a problem with plugin's version of python: The Sickrage devs go on to suggest some fixes, but I have no idea how to downgrade certain segments of python in unraid or install a python cryptography module.
  5. I'm not sure about this but definitely a problem with SSL. I know done sites/indexers have updated to tlsv1.2 and some apps are not compatible. For example, nzbgeek did that and doesn't work with sonarr or any mono based apps until mono gets tlsv1.2 support. I have been getting a similar error on Sickrage. After a recent update, I got pointed to this url: https://github.com/SiCKRAGETV/sickrage-issues/wiki/SSL-Errors I don't know what to make of it or how to effect the changes they are talking about.
  6. Question - and I apologize if this has been answered - but in Sickbeard/Sickrage and Couchpotato is it safe for them to update through their own web interface? Couchpotato is self-updating and seems to be fine, but I have held off on Sickrage since I'm not sure about the ramifications.
  7. Well, I solved my own problem (I think). Using telnet I checked /mnt/user0 if there was a folder called "Film." cd /mnt/user0 ls There wasn't, so I made one. mkdir Film Now I'm running the mover script, going back to the root directory (don't kill me if this isn't necessary, I'm just reporting exactly what I did to try to fix the problem. cd mover and it seems to be copying stuff to the array. I'll report back later with more results. I have a backup on a different computer that I'm not touching until I have confirmed that everything is OK. Again, I'm completely new to this, and could be completely wrong, but it appears that mover script only works on folders where there a corresponding folder in the /mnt/user0 directory. I guess sometimes one isn't created for some reason.
  8. I have had the exact same problem, and have not discovered a solution despite searching for a couple of days. Normally I would not resurrect the thread, but this is the first topic that pops in Google when searching for the problem. This is what I see when I use mover script: mover started skipping Film/ skipping Torrents/ skipping apps/ mover finished It should be moving Film and skipping the rest.