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  1. Many thanks for your continued patience and advice. My main concern was that it would be a disk issue, but that does not appear to be the case. Going to order some new sata cables and see if they do the trick. If not, I will look to get a better SATA card!
  2. Given the errors I have described above, it that a likely source of the problems?
  3. Thanks for the response and advice. I checked the connections and plugged the sata from the drive above into a different socket on the SATA card. Started the array again and ran clear on the disc - no errors this time, but 2 CRC errors. Formatted the disc and thought I was fine. I started moving files onto the array, and everything seemed fine, so left it for a couple of hours. When I came back, both this drive, and the other 12tb drive I added recently, are displaying errors - see image attached. I am assuming now that this is the SATA card i'm using (Ziyituod ( or I need new sata cables, but I would have assumed if the cables were faulty it would be a binary issue. Grateful for any further advice you may have.
  4. Hi everyone, When pre-clearing two new 12tb drives, one drive generated 1024 errors and cannot be mounted - see attached images and diagnostics. Could this be a cable issue or is it likely to just be a straightforward faulty disk that needs RMA'ing? Many thanks for your advice.
  5. Thank you for your response. In the meantime I have checked all the cables and rechecked the power pins in the shucked drive. Nothing has changed, so your prognosis appears correct! I assume the boot options of AHCI mode, IDE mode or “no boot” mode, is not relevant? Is there a reccomended card with a 2 port Asmedia controller? Thanks again for your help.
  6. Thank you for the response. I've attached my syslog. Do you need anything else diagnostic wise? syslog.txt
  7. Hi everyone, From scanning the forum I realise this appears to be a recurring problem, but would be grateful for some guidance. Having maxed out the six SATA ports on my motherboard, I picked up a PCI-E SATA card to add two additional drives (eight drives is a case limitation). The card is a Ziyituod (, and appears in both the BIOS and UNRAID GUI as “ASMT109x-_Config_0123456789 – 105mb”, but the two drives attached to it do not display in either. They are recently shucked 12tb drives with the correct pins covered. The controller can boot in AHCI mode, IDE mode or “no boot” mode – is that at all relevant? No problems booting the array without the card / additional drives assigned. My system is as follows: Motherboard: ASRock B365M-HDV CPU: Intel Pentium Gold G5400 Is there an obvious solution to this? I've read about the issues with MARVELL controllers, so is the short answer to get a better card, or is there another solution? Grateful for any input people might have.
  8. Thank you for this suggestion - I had never heard of this issue before - I shall investigate and check back. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  9. Hi everyone. Built my new media server a couple of weeks back. I loaded four drives initially, all shucked WD elements / my book (2x 12tb, 2 x 8tb). The two 12tb drives were detected in the bios and subsequently UNRAID. The two 8tb drives are nowhere to be seen, not even in the motherboard bios. My first thought was swapping out the sata cables, but that doesn't seem to have made any difference. I don't think it's the power cable from the PSU, as both 12tb drives are powered and connecting fine, and they are all on the same power cable. Could it be a bios setting? Totally stumped and grateful for any suggestions.
  10. Many thanks - that's exactly what I needed to know (and hoped for!). I think I will only use a few dockers, so will probably leave it at 8gb for now, and upgrade to more if needed further down the line. Thanks again.
  11. I'm looking to finally replace my 10 year old server. I only really use this as a media server with a couple of dockers - nothing fancy like VMs etc. Does the Pentium G5500 (probably paired with an ASRock B360M-HDV motherboard) have enough grunt to take care of the basics? Would upgrading to a G5600 make any difference? Many thanks for your time.
  12. Hi everyone, I really appreciate the responses. Life got in the way of building a new server, but I'm now at a point where I have the time / money to get it sorted. Already have all the HDDs I need, and will install an SSD cache drive from my main PC once all the data has been transferred to the new server. To confirm this is very much a basic media server with a couple of dockers, so no VMs or anything fancy. This is my updated build list: CPU: Pentium G5500 Motherboard: ASRock B360M-HDV PSU: Corsair 450W 80+ Platinum SFX RAM: 8gb Corsair Value Select DDR4-2400 Case: Fractal Node 804 Cache drive: Intel SSD 660p NVMe 500gb Does this all still pass muster for a basic media server? Many thanks for your help.
  13. Hi everyone, My first UNRAID build has failed after 8 years of loyal service. I'm looking to replace it with something a bit more power efficient and quiet. This is strictly a Media / File Server, possibly with a couple of Dockers / Plex, but no VMs or anything demanding. Most of the time it will simply feed media around the house. I don't anticipate any serious transcoding. My existing HDDs are still fit for purpose, and will number about 6/7 drives in the end, all 5400 rpm models. Desired build: CPU: Pentium G4560 Motherboard: MSI B250M Artic Micro ATX PSU: Corsair 450W 80+ Platinum SFX RAM: 8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4-2133 Case: Fractal Node 804 Cache drive: Intel SSD 660p NVMe 500gb Does all that seem reasonably appropriate for a basic media server? Grateful for any thoughts / constructive criticism!! Many thanks Andrew
  14. Thanks again for the advice. Looks like I will be picking up a 1tb WD Blue for the cache - this upgrade keeps getting more and more expensive! Think I will go for this as a motherboard: It has the Intel LAN and seems to get good reviews on these forums. Thanks again for all your help! A
  15. Many thanks to both of you for the repsonses. I think a G4560 looks like a good deal for me, so will pick that up. Is there a widely recommended S1151 motherboard for use with this? I saw the ASROCK H270M Pro 4 get a lot of mentions, but I want an Intel NIC. Thank you for highlighting the necessity of a cache drive - not something I really needed back when I built my original server, but clearly needed now. Is there going to be a noticeable difference between a WD Blue and an SSD? Thanks again for all your advice.