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  1. Were your shares public? All of my shares were public (no usernames or passwords were required). I would look at the ident.cfg file. As I stated above I found the following lines that I never added. Since I reinstalled I am not able to verify whether removing the tow lines and rebooting would allow access again to the shares. DOMAIN_LOGIN="Administrator" DOMAIN_PASSWD="" This might not be the issue but it is the only thing I can see in my old configs that I can see.
  2. When you browse to you shares does it ask for a username and password? I took a backup of my thumb drive before I did a fresh install. I looked at the config files and I noticed two lines in the ident.cfg file. DOMAIN_LOGIN="Administrator" DOMAIN_PASSWD="" Not sure but I suspect this might have been causing my issue. It might be worth while to take a look. If you have those two lines comment them out and reboot to see if it fixes your issue.
  3. How did you do it mate? did you have data on your disks on the re-install? I have not been able to use my server at all since updating to 6.2 and want to go back to 6.19 Cheers What you could do for that is: [*]make note of your drive assignments if you haven't already and you actually can do so. [*]save your key file somewhere [*]erase the flash drive and start fresh with 6.1.9 again and copy back your key file If you don't know your drive assignments: [*]install all disks as array drives and don't assign a parity drive. [*]make note of the drive that DOESN'T have a file system on it - that is your parity. [*]If you actually created a 2nd parity drive in 6.2 before this then you should have 2 drives without a file system. [*]Now assign all your drives to their correct slots and fire your server up again. You should be back up and running on 6.1.9 and read to install plugins and dockers again. That is what is pretty much did. I saved the Key, super.dat, network.cfg, disk.cfg, share.cfg and shares folder. This should get you up and running with all your shares intact. Have a look at this link http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/Files_on_v6_boot_drive#Starting_Over. Should also mention that I did the fresh install using 6.2 and have not had any issues yet.
  4. Fresh install fixed what ever issue existed. I am all back up and running.
  5. I have tried that multiple times. I have even disabled and re-enabled SMB. Unluck. Never run into an issue like this before.
  6. According to nbtstat my unraid is the master browser. I am going to try and shut everything down in the house and see what happens. I have shut everything down in the house (routers and all). Brought up my router first, then the unraid followed by the rest of the devices. Still no luck. It is still asking for a username and password (for which nothing works). Next step is to try and rebuild.
  7. According to nbtstat my unraid is the master browser. I am going to try and shut everything down in the house and see what happens.
  8. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I have tried just about everything I can think of.
  9. Hello all, I am having the same issue. In addition to not being able to reach the shares from a Windows machine, I am not able to reach them with a MAC or my ShieldTV. I do not think this is an issue with the Master Browser as nbtstat indicates that the unraid is the Master. I have rebooted all of my system multiple times and am not able to reach any shares from any machine. I generally do not browse to shares, but I use Kodi for my media play back and it will not connect to the shares. For now I am using Plex until I can get this figured out. Should have added that I can hit the share in Windows but it asks for username and password. No combination of usernames or passwords work. On the Shield it just refuses to connect. I have attached the logs from the system, although I did not see anything standing out. Anyone have any additional thoughts. Thanks, Bill unraid-diagnostics-20160916-1734.zip