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  1. Hello! I've recently started purchasing parts for a long overdue update of my unRAID server and came across a pretty sweet deal on new, external Seagate 5TB Expansion Drives. I know, I know… it's better to buy dedicated NAS drives like WD Reds etc., but the price was just too good. However, before I start cracking their cases (and voiding their warranties) I'd like to test them somehow, to make sure I did't get some duds. They start up without any problems and are visible on all my computers. I've already moved few GBs to and from them, without any errors. I'm just wondering if there is something more I can do, short of doing a full on preclear (can I even do that while they're connected via USB?), to check those drives? I have access to both Mac OS X 10.11 and Windows 10 computers. Thanks for any tips!
  2. I'm really sad to see this. I understand that you're not being paid to work on this and no one said you'll do this forever, but can we expect a compatibility update for version 6.2 in the future? Because it doesn't look like 6.2 will get a built-in NUT support, even though it was initially scheduled for that version. Anyway, thank you for all your hard work!
  3. I'm really looking forward for the NUT support. Big +1
  4. Thanks sgibbers17 for your help. Unfortunately, I can't order from newegg because I don't live in United States. So that's why I wanted to buy from ebay. I've read all about reflashing M1015 with the IT firmware and probably that's what I'm going to do once I actually buy this card. btw - what do you think about this seller? - would you call them reputable? They are form States, not China and even with shipping to Poland it would still be a lot cheaper than anything I can buy locally from authorized dealers. I realise this is a refurbished item, but I don't mind.
  5. Well, that's unfortunate :-( The cheapest card I can find locally is M1015 and it's twice the price of what I can find on ebay :-/ But I guess there is no point in buying a knockoff that's going to give me a headache and won't work properly. Thanks for the warning.
  6. Hello, I need to buy a HBA card for my constantly growing server. Is this card a good choice? I've seen some mentions about it on the forum, and everything looks like it won't give me any problems with my unRAID, but I just want to make sure before I spend $100 on this card.
  7. Never mind, once I've chilled a bit I figured it out. It looks like my unRAID tried to mount the old drives for a second time, but since they'd already been mouted (don't know why) it couldn't do that, so marked them as "Unformatted". I've rebooted my machine via CLI and everything seems to work as it should. I'm going to bed soon so I'll start parity check and we will know more in the morning (Central Europe Time Zone).
  8. Now I can't even stop the array so I can try Check my signature for hardware and unRAID version
  9. I was trying to expand my array with new precleared drive when very bad thing happend. My new disk is in the array but all previous disks are now unformatted :-( What should I do?
  10. Hey, lainie! Does your latest package from work with unRAID 5.0 final? And thanks for all your hard work on VirtualBox for unRAID! :-)
  11. OK, thank you both for clarifying this to me. I also think that 48h shouldn't be such a strain for my disks, especially when they'll probably have their heads parked. I just wanted to be sure and was trying to avoid unnecessary power draw.
  12. Quick question - if I stop my array, what makes all drives to spin up, will they later normally spin down after 1h of inactivity (in my case), just like when the array is started? Same question about a precleared drive - if I leave it after a preclear, but don't add it to an array, will it eventually spins down? I'm asking because for some reasons I have to stop the array and leave the machine powered on but don't want unnecessarily wear HDDs
  13. via the phpVirtualBox interface you can set an RCP port and access it via your server IP:port. Go to your Virtual Machnie settings -> Display -> Remote Display tab -> Enable Server Choose appropriate port, authentication method etc. (chapter 7 "Remote virtual machines" from VirtualBox manual will clarify everything), then e.g. on Windows 7 look for Remote Desktop Connection programme and type [your.unRAID.IP.address]:[VMPortNumber] (look at the attached screenshot) and press Connect.
  14. Yes, this motherboard causes HPA problems, so better avoid building an unRAID server based on it.
  15. I’ve recently updated my unRAID from 4.7 to 5.0 RC8 and I’m generally very pleased with the new version but there’s one thing that still bugs me and I think it has something to do with file permissions and ownership. On 4.7 I could easily write, edit, delete, rename, etc. both files and directories right from Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder but now on 5.0 RC8 it’s quite complicated. For example I can copy a folder with files from my Mac or PC to unRAID but after that I can’t rename. When I’m browsing my Transmission’s downloads folder on a cache drive I can delete/rename files and directories, but when go inside one of the downloaded folders I can’t do anything except reading, otherwise Windows Explorer says I don’t have “permissions for TOWER\nobody”. It’s not a Transmission’s fault because I can manually place a file/folder on cache drive and everything is working in the same way. And that’s only few of the annoyances. After the upgrade I’ve run the “New Permissions” script. I’m using only SMB secure shares (no AFP or NFS) with 3 users: one with full read/write access (that's me) and two with read-only access (other family members). Is there a way to get back the 4.7-like behaviour on 5.0 RC8? I can do everything with the files through Midnight Commander directly on unRAID but for me that’s not very productive and it still doesn’t allow me to add single file to a folder on unRAID :-(