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  1. Sharing a recent experience that might help others. The tl;dr - Don't panic. Unless your drive is clickety-clunking and you don't have offline/offsite backups of the important stuff. - Don't use 8yr old drives. - Spend the couple of minutes it takes to configure notifications - Knowing how to use dd or ddrescue, mount and xfs_repair can save the day. Had an old (8yr) 750gb drive disappear from its slot in the array. I power cycled, still not there but the disk appeared in unassigned devices. I mounted it from there to check its contents. Empty. SMART report showed a bunch of ba
  2. Any advice on how to manually stop/start/restart the openvpn client? When I was running unraid 5.0.5 and an older version of the plugin this would work (as per instructions) To start: /etc/rc.d/rc.openvpn start Stopping: /etc/rc.d/rc.openvpn stop however there is nothing relating to openvpn in my /etc/rc.d/ folder. I'm using unraid 6.0.1 and openvpn client 2015.09.01 Thanks